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Services to members

Membership Services
(included in the Membership fee)

Think tank, advisoryand consulting
Analysis, research and support on specialist topics (e.g.active citizenship, democracy andlocal governance,European integration, civil society, local economicdevelopment, etc.).

Relations withnational, Europeanand internationalInstitutions
Full secretariat service for specific meeting withinternational and European Authorities.

Project proposaldevelopment andfund-raising
In-house project development: needs assessment,feasibility studies and visits, partnership building,preparation of project proposal, fundraising andnegotiation with donors, preparation of projectdocumentation.

Project management

  1. In-house project management: action management, budget management, monitoring and control, reporting, evaluation,
  2. Organization,management and facilitation of events, trainings, campaigns and activities at the local and European level,
  3. Management of complex situations to be faced during the project implementation.

Coordinationof European/International Units/Offices of LocalAuthorities and Civil
Society Organizations
Coordination of European and International Units/Offices of Local Authorities and Civil SocietyOrganizations: fundraising, partnership building,project drafting and project management, financialmanagement and reporting, international relationsand institutional contacts.

Education andTraining

  1. Tailor-shaped trainings on various topics: EU affairs, fundraising, human rights, civil society and local governance issues, etc.,
  2. Permanent training module on active citizenship issues,
  3. Organization of international conferences, seminars and workshops,
  4. Organization of study tours for local government and civil society representatives.

Promotion, visibilityand editing

  1. Development of communication strategies,
  2. documents and information materials,
  3. Development of ad-hoc publications on European topics.

Information, facilitiesand support services
Full secretariat service for meeting promoted in ALDAoffices.

Services on payment
(based on ad-hoc budgets)

Think tank,advisory andconsulting

  1. Briefings on EU Programmes, funds and procedures,
  2. Right to participate in working groups on different topics (local government issues, active citizenship, human rights protection and awareness, empowerment of civil society, etc.),
  3. Right to have our “already issued” publications for free,
  4. Access to EU experts, professional and support networks, and academic organizations,
  5. Participation in international events (conferences, seminars, etc.) promoted by ALDA.

Being part ofa Europeannetwork

  1. Support in the relation with EU, CoE, UN, their related Agenciesand other public and private International institutions,
  2. Support in the relation with National Governments in Italyand France and other countries,
  3. Support in communication at the European level,
  4. Organization of meetings with European Officials, MEPs andother relevant international and European Authorities,
  5. Visibility through a European network,
  6. Promotion of Members’ activities, initiatives and events at theEuropean level (mainly through the website and the newsletter),
  7. Free links of Members’ website to ALDA website.

Projectproposaldevelopmentand fundraising

  1. Offer of periodical opportunities to be partner of Europeanprojects or to join consortia built to apply for Europeantenders in various fields,
  2. Support of ALDA multilingual staff in the project proposaldevelopment phase,
  3. Identification of international partners for specific areas andsupport to the partnership building process,
  4. Support to the identification of potential donors.


  1. Support of ALDA multilingual staff in the projectmanagement,
  2. Support of ALDA in sorting out of complex situations youmight face during your autonomous management of yourprojects.

Information,facilitiesand supportservices

  1. Subscription in the mailing list (periodical newsletters andALDAEU_info: upcoming events and information on European policies),
  2. ALDA publications, EU publications, information materials,
  3. Access to the information points on EU and active citizenship(info-points based in Brussels and Vicenza),
  4. Access to ALDA intranet especially dedicated to members,
  5. Free use of ALDA equipped offices and meeting rooms inBelgium (Brussels) and Italy (Vicenza), upon approval of theCouncil of Europe, possibility in Strasbourg.

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