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France/Balkans multilateral decentralised cooperation programme on good governance in South-East Europe

January 2016 - December 2018

The project at a glance:
Created in 2008, the project  has been created in order to create a platform allowing to bring up new common projects between the French local authorities and the Balkan territories and to integrate them in an open approach about Europe.
This network aims at promoting the development of good governance at regional and local level and improving capacities of local authorities in order to allow them to do their tasks in the best way possible and to provide good services to their citizens. This project proposes to achieve this objective by improving the mutual knowledge about activities and actors and by creating a network of French actors involved in the Balkan countries that would work on a common plan which would open the programme to other partners in Europe.

These actions have the following objectives:

  • Strengthening and stabilizing the democratic process in the region;
  • Stabilizing and pacifying of the region;
  • Supporting the European integration process;
  • On the French side, opening the French territories to the Balkan countries;

In 2016, the programme has launched its third 3-year-long programme of the Decentralized cooperation supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France. The event, organized by ALDA, took place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Paris on the 12th of May 2016.

In this network, the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) participates and supports the programme, sharing its experience of multilateral decentralized cooperation in order to multiply the effects of the actions of the project.
ALDA is involved in the coordination of the programme and implements several activities on the topic of Youth and supporting the European integration process.


  • Sensitization of the population living in the flood-prone areas – in Albania – coordinated by SICALA Haute-Loire (creation and dissemination of a brochure / information meetings);
  • Sensitization of young people and pupils on the preservation of the water resources – in Albania – coordinated by SICALA Haute-Loire (workshop, exhibition, visits on the field, animations etc.);
  • Coordination of the network on Balkans and South East-Europe with the support of Europe Volunteers – coordinated by Pays Vichy Auvergne and ALDA (animation of the network and development of exchanges within the partners, Francophonie);
  • Montenegro promotion and Youth exchanges with participants from Montenegro, Balkan region and France – coordinated by Bretagne Monténégro  (youth exchange and activities on culture and ecology, promotion of Youth mobility);
  • Independence of the media: Exchange of skills and creation of a network of professionals – coordinated by Pays Vichy-Auvergne (trainings and exchanges on know-how, creation of a common media);
  • Promote the social integration of Roma and Egyptian minorities living in flood-prone areas – coordinated by SICALA Haute-Loire;
  • Water and sustainable development – in Albania – coordinated by SICALA Haute-Loire
  • Communication – Coordinated by Pays Vichy Auvergne;
  • Youth / Culture / remembrance and Francophonie – coordinated by Communauté de communes Pays Saint-Pourçinois (and the Compagnie Prcédé Zébré);
  • Youth Platform – coordinated by ALDA;
  • Organisation of 3 conferences – coordinated by AFCCRE;
  • Youth Reporters Multimedia / Francophonie – coordinated by Pays Vichy Auvergne (and the association Sur les Pas d’Albert Londres);
  • Youth-citizens, actions on solidarities in Europe – coordinated by Choisy-le-Roi;
  • Call for projects Cooperation-Youth – coordinated by AFCCRE;
  • Support of the process and enlargement of the European Union – coordinated by ALDA;
  • Economy and Rural Development – coordinated by Pays Vichy Auvergne.


Pays Vichy-Auvergne

In France:

  • ALDA
  • Pays Marennes Oléron
  • Communauté de communes Pays Saint-Pourçinois
  • City of Choisy le Roi
  • Syndicat Intercommunal d'Aménagement de la Loire et de ses Affluents (SICALA Haute-Loire),
  • Municipality of Cusset
  • Association Bretagne Monténégro
  • AFCCRE (Association Française des Conseils de Communes et Régions d'Europe),
  • Association Sur les Pas d’Albert Londres


  • Municipality of Mirdita – Albania
  • GAL Napoca- Porolissum in Aghiresu - Romania
  • Municipality of Berat - Albania

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