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LIME: Labour Integration for Migrants Employment

TBD – 24 months

CIES (Centro Informazione e Educazione allo sviluppo) – lead partner; CONFCOOPERATIVE – Unione Provinciale di Roma Capitale; Federacion de Plataformas Sociales Pinardi; Asociacion guaranì de cooperation Paraguay Espana; Libera Universita Maria Ss. Assunta di Roma; Sigla SA; Federazione Centro Nazionale operesalesiane Formazione aggiornamento professionale.

Project at a glance:
The project aims at promoting the swift integration of young TCNs (aged 18-29) in the labour market, by fostering the application of the “Cluster” methodology at local level all over Europe. It is an innovative, integrated and highly participatory approach, based on the definition of a multi-stakeholder public-private partnership engaged in a common long-term strategy enabling context-sensitive solutions.
The core of the project are the two pilot actions, to be implemented in two relevant local contexts in Italy and Spain, under which the methodology will be developed and tested. They foresee activities aimed at consolidating a strategic and operational collaboration among socio-economic key actors (associations of employers, vocational training providers, employment services, local authorities, companies, CoCs) within a “Migrants Economic Integration Cluster - MEIC" with the main purpose of increasing the effectiveness of existing labour market integration policies and tools by adapting them to TCNs needs. 100 young migrants will directly benefit in terms of increased employability and economic inclusion through accelerated and tailored trainings, labour market integration plans for apprenticeships and self-employment, coaching and post-placement support. While local stakeholders will benefit in terms of innovative management schemes and tools for facilitating the labour market integration of TCNs.


  • Improve the effectiveness of local initiatives for labour market integration of TCNs through the development and testing of the MEIC methodology in Italy and in Spain;
  • Mobilize key actors to apply the MEIC model all over Europe.

General actions of the project:

  •  Management & Coordination
  •  Programming and evaluation activities for developing the cluster methodology and the policy recommendations
  • Analyze the potentials for a sustainable system of local clustering for fostering migrants integration in the labour market by evaluating the Italian Vocational and Entrepreneurial MEIC and of the Spanish Vocational MEIC to be created within the two pilot action;
  • Conceive a new method of cooperation among socio-economic private and public actors by creating a MEIC methodology to be transferred to relevant key actors at EU level
  • Formulate policy recommendations addressing local, national and EU institutions to support for the development of such a kind of clusters in the territory.
  •  Italian Pilot Action & WP4: Spanish Pilot Action
  • Create a Vocational and Entrepreneurial MEIC in the context of the Lazio & Madrid region;
  • Increase employability and economic inclusion of 100 young TCNs (aged 18-29), in particular refugees, asylum seekers, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and ex UAMs in Italy and Spain, enhancing and strengthening their professional and interpersonal skills and creating new ones;
  • Test innovative solutions to boost 60 young TCNs’ access to existing labour market inclusion initiatives and instruments in Italy and Spain, with special reference to those dedicated to NEET in the framework of the dual education system;
  • Promoting self-entrepreneurship paths within 40 young TCNs;
  • Sensitize employers to join the EU initiative "Employers together for integration".


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