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FromMEtoEU: From migrants engagement to Europe Upgrade

Timespan: 1.11.2018 – 31.12.2019

Studio Progetto Società Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS (Italy)
Foundation CAT (Fundacja Centrum Aktywnosci Tworczej, Poland)
LDA Verteneglio (Croatia)
Municipality of Valdagno (Italy)
Municipality of Jegunovce (Macedonia)
European University of Tirana - UET (Albania)
Community Development Institute (Macedonia)
Asociacion Mundus (Spain)
Verteneglio Municipality (Croatia)
Association of Local Autonomy of Albania (Albania)
Etterbek Muncipality (Belgium)
Miasto Leszno (Poland)
Town Council of Santa Coloma Degramenet (Spain)
I-participate (Greece)
Common Benefit Enterprise of Services of Neapoli-Sykies (Greece)

Project at a glance:
According to the European motto “united in diversity”, the project FromMeToEU aims to provide opportunities for European citizens and Migrants’ communities to work together, in order to promote a new idea of a multicultural Europe. The idea we support is that every migrant should be considered as a Citizen and every Citizen has some needs but, at the same time, should bring ideas and innovative approaches to the community in which he lives. Far from an idea of thoughtfulness, FromMetoEu will then insist on requirement and selflessness, both based on mutuality.
The project will provide Citizens with a pathway of awareness to highlight the positive potential of solidarity in time of crisis. With a proactive approach, oriented to peer to peer methodology and practical need, FromMeToEu will lead Citizens to maximize social collaboration, at the same time combating scepticism in Refugees reception programmes (and Euroscepticism’s too) and reducing racism, by offering sustainable solutions for common issues involving Citizens and Migrants.

The articulates in 3 phases

My Europe, My Story

  • Learn about EU history, politic system, meaning of EU citizenship, migration crisis and dynamics;
  • Combat stigmatization of migrants;
  • Learn non-formal methods on peer to peer approach;
  • Raise awareness on each other culture (Migrants-European citizens);
  • Promote solidarity and participation.

I need (E)U, (E)U need me

  • Set strategies and criteria to research and study Citizens approach to migrant’ crisis;
  • Debate about Euroscepticism;
  • Acquire competences on community research;
  • Promote opportunities for societal intercultural engagement;
  • Gather problems and solutions on relationship among citizens and migrants;
  • Matching common heritage.

S.O.S. Volunteers

  • Promote volunteering at union level;
  • Debate on the future of EU.

General actions:

The project will set 2 international training courses addressed to citizens (that will become facilitators and multipliers) to provide tools and peer to peer methodologies and to debate and tackle locals and European needs; 40 local workshops will be implemented, designed to better understand the others experiences and to match needs with solutions; 8 local surveys (one for each country involved in the project) will be held; 400 videos-surveys will be produced; a web portal will be set (translated in 8 languages and implemented by volunteers of 16 partner organizations); 8 promotional video will be edited; an international volunteering network will be structured and a final conference to award best European innovative solutions will be organized. Families, youngsters, adult citizens and disadvantaged people (every organization will involve 25% of  migrants among pax) will benefit of the project’s results for a total of 2000 persons.

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