ALDA, today

A consolidated association with a growing scope: going global, at a local level

ALDA is a global alliance of associations, civil society organizations and local governments supporting local democracy and citizens engagement in Europe, the Neighborhood and beyond. It works with members and partners to develop projects supporting its mission so to reach the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030

During its 20 years of activities ALDA has developed more than 500 projects and reached almost 25 million citizens. Today, ALDA is a wide, consolidated network, counting over 350 members from 45 countries, 15 Local Democracy Agencies (LDAs) and 3 Operational Partners (OPs).

ALDA has capitalised its experience in the flagship initiative, the “European Support to Local Democracy”, which is today disseminated all over the World.

ALDA operates throughout the Enlarged Europe, thanks to its staff made of nearly 45 people working from 6 offices, in Strasbourg, Brussels, Vicenza, Skopje, Chisinau and Tunis.

ALDA is led by a Governing Board elected every four years, composed of its members’ representatives and engaged in fulfilling the mission. ALDA is mainly active in the territories of the European Union, in the Balkans, in the Eastern Partnership and in the Mediterranean area. Thanks to its strategic views 2021-2024 it is now going global and implementing its programme all over the globe.

ALDA is a key actor in policy-making and advocacy toward national, European and international stakeholders. Through its projects, publications and recommendations implementing its mission and political vision, it brings an added value to the cause of local governance and citizens engagement. ALDA in Europe fights for a stronger and deeper Europe for communities inclusive and sustainable.

In 2017 ALDA launched ALDA+, the benefit corporation owned by ALDA and dedicated to the provision of trainings, ad hoc consultancies and specialised services in all the fields where ALDA has been operating for more than 20 years. Indeed, ALDA+ represents the capitalisation of the experience of ALDA in the fields of local democracy, participatory processes and project-cycle management.

ALDA's 20 years of activity