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The implementation of the news strategic views 2020-2024 has both confirmed the importance of supporting local and regional authorities in applying the principles of participatory democracy and promoting the cooperation with the civil society component, and the need of bringing ALDA’s action beyond the European borders.
The changing context of the post COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the crucial role of local communities, which need to be resilient, act as connectors between stakeholders and promoter of local democracy and citizens engagement.

The work of ALDA aims at using its 20 years of experience and reaching out to more areas and stakeholders. As it was in the past, the الاتحاد الأوروبي، ال المجلس الأوروبي: and their institutions remain ALDA’s major stakeholders: they are change-drivers in the approaches to be followed when tackling a global vision. That is why, topic-wise, our approach towards the «Going Global» mission of ALDA is in line with the “International Partnerships – Priorities» of the European Commission and the democracy support of the Council of Europe: Partnerships for human development, peace and governance; alliances for sustainable growth and jobs; partnerships for migration and mobility, alliances for science, technology, innovation and digital; green alliances and partnerships.


  • Reaching out to other regions of the world and testing ALDA’s activities and methodology by using mainly the instruments presented in its two flagship initiatives: “European Support to Local Democracy” and “Participative Democracy for Solving Problems at the Local Level”;
  • Developing a network of Local Democracy Agencies and members outside the Neighbourhood, also in line with the support of the European Union and other major stakeholders focusing on decentralisation and local democracy.
    Creating practices of citizens participation at the local level to strengthen a territorial approach for economic development and decentralisation;
  • Engaging with international and global actors to be able to interact with its network and programmes to support synergies to reach the SDGs and the Agenda 2030;
  • Being a global actor on the topic of local participation and good local governance, supporting international cooperation and exchange of best practices.

مجالات العمل

The global dimension of ALDA will be driven by our commitments towards local communities. Local democracy, working with local authorities and civil society remains our priority, and we will continue working on the field, especially tackling the following topics:

  • Human development, peace and good governance;
  • Sustainable local economic development;
  • الهجرة
  • Innovation and digital transformation;
  • Climate change adaptation and environmental sustainability;
  • Fair and impact-oriented decentralised cooperation;
  • Support of European values and democracy;
  • Involvement of  Local Actors and stakeholders;
  • Local communities heard and actively involved;
  • Engagement of local providers for supporting the local economy;
  • Fair and transparent use of projects’ budget with the majority of it spent locally.

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Regional strategies

خلال العشرين عامًا الأولى من تأسيسها ، طورت ALDA وصقلتها استراتيجيات محددة وموجهة لتحقيق مهمتها في مناطق مختلفة من العالم.
في الواقع ، من الأساسي أن ندرك أن كل منطقة لها مجموعة خصائصها الخاصة ، كونها نتيجة لعمليات تاريخية واقتصادية واجتماعية ، وبالتالي تتطلب نهجًا معينًا.
اقرأ استراتيجياتنا الإقليمية واكتشف الأهداف ومجالات العمل الرئيسية التي استهدفتها لدعم المشاركة المحلية والديمقراطية التشاركية في جميع أنحاء العالم!