UNDEF, T4D and ALDA: key training on “Youth empowerment to build local democracy in Tunisia”

On Friday 8th October, following the training session in Sousse, Antonella Valmorbida, ALDA Secretary General, took part in the training course with “Tamkeen For development” (T4D). The latter is involved with ALDA, and with the support of the United Nations Democracy Fund – UNDEF, in the implementation of the project Youth empowerment to build local democracy in Tunisia".

Analysing especially how to equip young people to be experts and assist local governments, while implementing participatory mechanisms, the project is directed to several municipalities in Tunisia, such as: Béja; Ghardimaou Jendouba; Kairouan; Mahdia; Bardo; Ben Arous and Ezzahra.

UNDEF T4D and ALDA working for youth empowerment in Tunisia

Specifically on the training session, Chekib Besbes (Head of T4D project); Aysha Karafi, (Trainer); Abdelaziz bouslah (ALDA Tunisia) and ; أنتونلا فالموربيدا (ALDA Secretary General) were part event, whose main topics in agenda were:

  • Conception of ideas;
  • Project assembly;
  • Citizen mobilisation;
  • Advocacy techniques and 
  • Functioning of local authorities.

Overall, participants had the opportunity to interact, and to understand in first person, important aspects to take into account when it comes to youth empowerment. Hence, training sessions play a fundamental role within the project. Already at the beginning of the year a series of workshops were delivered in Tabarka and Hammamet.

Benefitting from the support of UNDEF, and working together with T4D, ALDA is being able to concretely make the difference at local level in several communities in Tunisia. Finally, this visit marked the last stage of the ALDA Secretary General mission in Tunisia.


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City of Sousse: ALDA Secretary General delivered a training with the “Autrement” Project

Sousse, the lovely town on the Mediterranean coast, hosted a training session within the Autrement" Project. With great joy and happiness in meeting colleagues and friends, ALDA Secretary General – ; أنتونلا فالموربيدا got to the city during a warm tunisian day, at the beginning of October 2021.

Targeting “Local and Participatory Democracy and Social Accountability”, Ms. Valmorbida delivered a valuable and interactive training session on October 7th, for the Municipality of Mahdia و ال Municipality of Kairouan. Several participants gathered at the conference room in Sousse, where the session was taking place. 

Round tables; a projector and a board were everything needed to start the training with enthusiasm! Gathered around tables, participants joined the morning session, tackling the key aspects and tools when it comes to implementing local democracy. Furthermore, the occasion offered time and space for   questions, dialogue and sharing on crucial issues related to the topic. 

Sousse, the lovely town on the Mediterranean coast, hosted a training session within the “Autrement” Project

In addition, the event was particularly dedicated to council members, technicians and administrators and members of civil society in the two municipalities mentioned above. Together with participants, colleagues from ALDA Tunisia and “Autrement” project took part in the session as well.

Overall, this event has to be understood within a greater context. Hence, Antonella Valmorbida had the occasion to have meetings, moments of sharing and exchange with other key players, committed, as well as ALDA, for the best of local communities in Tunisia. 

After more than a year, the training session in Sousse marked not only an important moment for the implementation of the project, but also an essential occasion to meet old and new staff members, delegates from the ADL and all the friends of ALDA in the amazing country of Tunisia.

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Another important step to foster good governance in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation

KAS October 2021 Tunisia

After the successful experience in Moldova and Ukraine, the project to support good local governance and local stakeholders through participative democracy in Tunisia has come to its end.

تمكين السلطات المحلية والمجتمع المدني لتقديم الحلول مع الديمقراطية التشاركية ” – here it the project’s title – supported by the Tunisian branch of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation officially ended on October 6th, during a final event held in cooperation with the Municipalities of Carthage و La Goulette, also project partners.

“Empowering local authorities and civil society to deliver solutions with Participative Democracy ” supported by the Tunisian branch of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation officially ended on October 6th

Such closing meeting was intended to present, on the one hand, the results of the territorial diagnosis carried out by the Carthage civil society thanks to the competencies acquired during the three training sessions delivered by ALDA.

On the other hand, the final event was the framework of another crucial moment: the signature of the Charter of Committment between the Municipality of Carthage and the Carthaginian civil society. This marks a significant event since the Charter will strengthen the links between the municipality and the civil society, as well as engage the signatories in a deeper collaboration within the framework of the territorial diagnosis work which must be the main object of the Municipality’s annual investment plan.

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"SMART" and the enhancement of small local museums

The Alpine territory is rich in small thematic museums that are often not included in tourist itineraries: the main objective of the Interreg Italy-Austria SMART project is precisely to preserve the heritage of the historical and cultural identities of local communities and to offer tourists new opportunities to discover and experience the Alpine area.

Here are the three pilot sites involved in the project:

  • the Textile Machinery Museum in the Municipality of Valdagno (Veneto)
  • the Val Resia Ecomuseum in the Municipality of Resia (Friuli Venezia Giulia)
  • the Ritzen Castle Museum in the Municipality of Saalfelden (Austria).

These will soon be joined by the Typewriter Museum, located in the Municipality of Parcines (Bolzano – Alto Adige) and will be integrated into the innovative museum circuit.


SMART – Small Museums Alliance Representing Territories project aims to increase the attractiveness and accessibility of small museums in 3 pilot sites in the Alpine area, through innovative instruments and the involvement of local communities. Visit the official website and discover more: www.smart-museums.eu/


Digital citizen journalists and the first 5 web-apps of the "AVATAR" project

The Avatar project, which started in October 2020, is planning new events, training-courses and services useful to citizens, companies, learning institutions and to the third sector.

The development of activities is characterised by a strong multi-level participation of partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries. Here are 2 examples of activities the project and its partnership has been developing:

Young digital citizen journalists, with whom we hold meetings both for training and for sharing ideas and projects to be developed in collaboration with the project media partners. Indeed, the empowerment of young citizens towards new technologies and aware communication methods is among the pillar values the project carries on.

– The first 5 web-apps, co-designed and built with data provided by the 12 partner municipalities and offering many new services to citizens in the area. These are new and innovative apps that aim at enhancing the public information heritage of data held by the public administration or through the production of Open Data sets. Check the official website to learn more: https://www.avatarlab.it/applicazioni/

Discover the 5 web apps AVATAR has developed to facilitate citizens' everyday life

Avatar is a project that feeds on ideas that are constantly shared, discussed, enriched and implemented, demonstrating that the benefits of a participatory decision-making process far outweigh the efforts needed to involve the parties!

More info and contacts: https://www.avatarlab.it

Updates on the “ELoGE” initiative in Kosovo* and North Macedonia

From the 27th to the 30th of September, ALDA Secretary General, Ms. أنتونيلا فالموربيدا ، took part in an institutional mission in Kosovo* and North Macedonia to convene with colleagues, delegates and ministers at local and European level.

More specifically, on September 28, ALDA Secretary General Ms. Valmorbida, and Director of the ALDA Office in Skopje and SEE Coordinator , Ms. كاتيكا جانيفا had a meeting with وخلال Frank Power – Head of Office of the Council of Europe, in Pristina, Kosovo*. The meeting, which was held in the Council of Europe Offices, consolidated the longstanding connection between ALDA and the Council.

The next day, September 29, Ms Valmorbida and Ms Janeva were received by Ms. Lejla Dervisagic و Ms. Katalin Tamus, respectively: Head of Operations  and Head of Programmes from the Council of Europe, in Skopje, North Macedonia, for another fruitful encounter.

Both of these meetings were meant to lay the foundation for the implementation of the European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) program, for which, in 2021, ALDA received the accreditation from the المجلس الأوروبي: to implement it both in North Macedonia and Croatia until 2023. ALDA is already a partner organisation in the implementation of ELoGE in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 ALDA had a meeting with Mr. Frank Power - Head of Office of the Council of Europe, in Pristina, Kosovo*

More in depth, ELoGE is designed to support municipalities to enhance their performance and provide high quality services in an improved system of local self-government. Local government offices who want to take part in the program must evaluate the quality of their own implemented public services through the 12 principles of Good Governance (developed by the Centre of Expertise during the past 10 years) to assess the performance of the Local Governments in the Council of Europe Member States. Principles range from responsiveness to rule of law, ethical conduct, sound financial management, fair conduct of elections, representation and participation. If a local Government scores proves to be efficient enough in these sectors, it gets the label ELoGE – European Label of Governance Excellence. 

ALDA is currently implementing the ELoGE programme in North Macedonia, while in Kosovo* the application is being evaluated and more information will be disclosed in the following weeks. More specifically, the “European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) in North Macedonia” is a 2 year project funded by the Council of Europe and implemented by the European Association for Local Democracy – ALDA in partnership with the Center of Expertise for Local Government Reform of the Council of Europe.  Both program offices of the Council of Europe in Pristina and Skopje are willing to support this project and to contribute to its implementation and promotion.

The aforementioned project aims to contribute to activate different Local Authorities from North Macedonia:

  • by providing selected Municipalities from North Macedonia with trainings on good local governance standards and methods; 
  • by raising awareness among selected Municipalities in North Macedonia on the role of CoE and the 12 Principles of Good Governance; 
  • by informing citizens about the existence of tools to measure the performance of their Local Authorities and make them aware of what good governance means by facilitating citizen participation in all the decision-making processes and involving civil society organisations in the implementation of good governance principles in North Macedonia and 
  • finally by  assisting the selected Municipalities in the application process for the ELoGE accreditation at the Council of Europe.

As an entity fully accredited to implement ELoGE, ALDA is committed to do so in a meaningful number of municipalities, within a set timeline, by making necessary adaptations, identifying the municipalities who wish to implement ELoGE and helping them undertake the different steps required to meet the criteria.

These two days of the mission, as well as the others, were rewarding, inspiring and beneficial to everyone involved.   

More information about the mission can be found here

SINERGIE – Coworking by ALDA

Do you need a new place to work after a long period of smart working? A bright and stimulating place that allows you to make the most of your skills and at the same time meet dynamic and… a bit out-of-the-box professionals? 

Then read this article carefully and discover the new coworking proposal by ALDA!


In recent years, the patterns and ways of working to which we were accustomed have changed substantially, and concepts such as flexibility and dynamism have imposed themselves unanimously.

In the light of all this, ALDA’s coworking space has been transformed to meet the new needs of professionals.

This is how SINERGIE – Coworking by ALDA was born, a space designed for dynamic and innovative minds, attentive to the needs of their business locally, but with an eye to Europe, and beyond.

SINERGIE is the ideal coworking space for individuals, associations, small companies and start-ups who want to work in a young and international environment, while remaining in the comfortable city dimension of Vicenza.

SINERGIE is the coworking space for dynamic and innovative minds with a local focus and an eye on Europe

Entering our coworking means knowing that you can count on a team of professionals at any time, with whom you can interact, create synergies and winning projects, providing each other with their knowledge to achieve great results together.

See the infographic to find out about all the services and advantages of SINERGIE – Coworking by ALDA, available with the standard offer of 249 euros per month plus VAT.

Special needs? Contact us for a personalised quote at +390444.540.146 or write to us at service@aldaplus.it

Time to “FACE” cyberbullying: conclusion event

Implemented for more than two years and funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme, the FACE project aimed to address and prevent the growing phenomenon of cyberbullying among young people, through innovative methodologies combining multidisciplinary artistic approaches.

The project enabled different stakeholders to work together to tackle cyberbullying: young people, parents, youth workers but also local authorities and municipalities worked together to find alternative solutions to this increasingly frequent social issue.

FACE project enabled different stakeholders to work together to tackle cyberbullying

The event held on 22 September in Genova, hosted by our Italian partners Cittadini Digitali, was an opportunity for the nine partners, from all over Europe and its neighbourhood, to meet in a hybrid event.

It was an occasion to share all the achievements, the difficulties during the pandemic and all the satisfaction this project gave us. Besides, the event marked the conclusion of a great journey in such an important topic.

In these two years different productions were created:


Even though the project has come to an end, all the results achieved and all the products developed are still alive and they can be consulted on the official project website

We keep to #LetsFaceUp and stop cyberbullying!

Meeting with M. Elbert Krasniqi - Minister of Local Government Administration (RKS)

After a long period of virtual contacts and meeting, ALDA Secretary General took the occasion to visit in person some key Western Balkan countries where ALDA is working.

Thus, on September 28, 2021, Antonella Valmorbida landed in Kosovo* where she arranged a meeting with the Ministry of Local Government Administration, Elbert Krasniqi, and the deputy General Secretary in the Ministry, Trim Berisha  and other Minister’s councillors.

The main objective was to work on a concrete proposal to support good local governance in Kosovo*.

Bearing in mind the commitment of Kosovo* to achieve EU integration, the challenges of governance and local development, ALDA proposed to support the role of Local Authorities in the EU integration process, raise awareness among the local authorities and the central government about the importance of the local dimension in the integration process.

Meeting  M. Krasniqi to work on a concrete proposal to support good local governance in Kosovo*

Moreover, ALDA’s large European network can put in place advocacy activities for Kosovar local authorities towards EU institutions and other key stakeholders in Brussels.

Such a proposal is rooted in the major role ALDA has been playing in enhancing the capacity development of municipalities all over Europe. Thus, the delivery of capacity building for the good management of EU funds, the promotion of EU programmes, as well as needs assessment for the development of municipalities is among the priorities of this proposal.

The meeting concluded on an important not, underlying the prominence of cross-border cooperation as a fuel for local development and regional cooperation in the Balkans.

All in all, ALDA wants to bring new perspective and new visions in the Balkan region and put in place concrete tools to support local municipalities.


Further information on the mission:

Meeting with Zoran Dimitrovski - Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government in North Macedonia

On September 30, 2021, another important institutional meeting took place in North Macedonia, in the premises of the Ministry.

Hence, Antonella Valmordiba – ALDA Secretary General, and كاتيكا جانيفا – ALDA Skopje Director and SEE Coordinator, and Emir Coric – Governing Board member, met Zoran Dimitrovski, Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government of North Macedonia.

The Ministry and ALDA have a long-standing history of cooperation, that started in 2007 at the occasion of the implementation of the project for decentralised cooperation between Normandy Region (France) and North Macedonia.  Thereafter, ALDA implemented numerous projects and activities in cooperation with local authorities and regional stakeholders, continuing the cooperation with the Ministry through different action and programmes.

Mr Dimitrovski and ALDA: focus on ALDA’s work in the field of local development and local democracy in North Macedonia

At first, the meeting with Mr Dimitrovski focused on ALDA’s work in the field of local development and local democracy in North Macedonia.

Then the discussion shifted toward EU enlargement and the role of the Local authorities in this process, as well as ALDA’s long and rich experience in assisting local authorities to be prepared for the EU accession.

In this vein, ALDA representatives presented the project ELoGE, supported by the Council of Europe, conceived to support municipalities to enhance their performance and provide high quality services in an improved system of local self-government. The project aims at contributing to activate different local authorities from North Macedonia in order to get the ELoGE accreditation at the Council of Europe, thus increasing the number of Municipalities awarded by the Label as a guarantee of good governance for all citizens in North Macedonia.

Further information on the mission: