With 2018 just finished, ALDA has come to the end of the implementation of some projects which have kept us busy in recent years. This is the case with ENLARGE, which has allowed to strengthen the mechanisms of participatory governance at the local level in various communities across Europe, or Get-Up which has supported the acquisition of gender-sensitive practices in various aspects of the world of work, and INCOME which has explored co-working as a tool to fight youth unemployment in Europe.
2019 will not be for less! Numerous and various are the projects we have kicked off.

في إطار Erasmus Program, ALDA and other partners will engage for a more sustainable and inclusive involvement of disabled people in the society thanks to the project Mind Inclusion 2.0.
Based on أوروبا للمواطنين, one of ALDA’s dearest European programmes, there are two projects you will hear about during the following months: Cross Over و FromMe2EU. The European elections getting closer and closer, Cross Overreflects our commitment to foster participation in the European Parliament elections and, more in general, active engagement in the European community life. Through local paths and international events, the dialogue will be valorized as main tool for knowledge and social growth, with debates on the future of Europe, nourishing thus a sense of belonging to the European space. Even if on a different level, dialogue, inclusion and participation are also the key themes of FromMe2EU, a project promoting a new concept of cooperation between EU citizens and migrant’s communities to renovate multiculturalism in Europe.

Among the countless declinations of local democracy we should include the preservation of cultural heritage, and maybe more important, its valorization. To this end the project CUT takes the field. CUT – Twinning tourism promoting cultural heritage involves a selection of partners from all over Europe and the Balkans and it foresees the involvement of local CSOs in the protection and promotion of local beauties, enhancing this way cultural tourism.

Thanks to the European Union LIFE programme, ALDA’s efforts towards citizen participation will also concern environmental protection and preservation. The FALKON project will protect and defend biodiversity through the conservation of the Lesser Kestrel, a falcon species whose population is experiencing a crucial moment in the Mediterranean area, while BEWARE will fight, through preventive actions, the risk of flooding in various municipalities in northern Italy, and finally with المترو التكيف, cost-effective climate change adaptation strategies will be developed and promoted in the Metropolitan city of Milan and replicated all over Europe.
For more information on these, and other ALDA projects, visit: https://www.alda-europe.eu/projects/#active-projects