Erasmus+ Programme, Sport 2024

Erasmus+ Programme, Sport 2024


Deadline of the call: 05.03.2024


EU Member States, EEA Countries (Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein), and Erasmus+ Associated Countries.

Objective: This Action aims to support the organisation of sport events with a European dimension in the following fields: Volunteering in sport; Social inclusion through sport; Fight against discrimination in sport, including gender equality; Encouraging healthy lifestyles for all. With regard to the last field, projects will mainly focus on: a) the implementation of the three pillars of the HealthyLifestyle4All initiative, b) the implementation of the Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity and the EU Physical Activity Guidelines, c) the support to the implementation of the European Week of Sport, d) the promotion of sport and physical activity as a tool for health, e) the promotion of all activities encouraging the practice of sport and physical activity, f) promotion of traditional sport and games.