ALDA and its Members: a strong priority and new initiatives for 2022


Members and ALDA: together for a brilliant new year!

Despite the big challenge the whole world is still facing, 2021 marked a great year for ALDA: spreading democracy, supporting local initiatives are at the heart of the Association’s activities. Yet, much of this has turned into real thanks to, and in collaboration with, members and friends of ALDA.

Hence, listening to members’ ideas and proposals is a daily commitment: through interactions the best projects have been made possible! Therefore, ALDA is very much committed to engage and animate its network, offering several concrete opportunities

Yet, what does “being a member mean”? As many of you already know, by joining ALDA and become an ALDA Member, you will enter an international network offering several benefits, such as:

  • Networking, partnership opportunities and facilitation;
  • Capacity-building activities;
  • Free webinars and workshops specifically designed for the members;
  • Assistance in finding funding opportunities.

Listening to members’ ideas and proposals is a daily commitment: through interactions the best projects have been made possible!

Yet, this is not everything. Believing in its network is a concrete exercise for ALDA: thus, the association re-invests in its members the majority of its total budget. As shown on the picture  on the right, the 55% of its resources are allocated to Local Authorities, Civil Society Organizations, and Local Democracy Agencies. In other words: to ALDA’s network!


Furthermore, members will benefit from great visibility on ALDA’s website and social media channels. On ALDA’ website, each member has a dedicated page with all related information, whose content is customisable according to each member’s needs. More, by following the hashtag #ALDAMember, each Friday a post will be dedicated to the presentation of a member, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Yet, ALDA Team will be glad to share further information, initiatives and events of our members!

Hence, if a member is willing to spread specific information through ALDA communication channels (social media, website, newsletter), it only takes a few minutes! Write an email with all the information to or fill in the form, upload the visual material (if any), and enjoy seeing your initiative spread throughout the enlarged Europe, and beyond!

Last but not least… 2022 already brings something new! ALDA has launched a new communication initiative called “Shades of democracy” – the new ALDA Podcast. Each episode, monthly broadcasted, tackled several topics related to democracy, from crowdfunding, to ELoGE, from culture to youth! 

Listen to it on the main platforms, and contact us at if you want to know more!

Hope to see you online soon! Great to have you as #ALDAMember

Shades of Democracy on:



Research findings on youth radicalisation: RADEX comprehensive report:


As previously announced, the RADEX consortium has produced a comprehensive report of the research phase of the project. This included the findings on youth violent radicalisation from 5 countries the UK, Belgium, France, Greece and Cyprus.

What is it about? The research considered both online and offline youth radicalisation patterns, comprising literature reviews, interviews, focus groups, discourse analysis and online research on social media, apps and chatrooms. Therefore, the report contributes as a summary of general trends of research studies, but also as an in-depth analysis of social network research.

The comprehensive report provides readers with hints on how, when and where young people become objects of radicalisation

The comprehensive report provides readers with hints on how, when and where young people become objects of radicalisation. At the same time, it identifies strengths and positive skills that young people can use in their benefit to build a stronger fence against radicalisation. The research includes a specific focus on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic within this processes.

More than a simple state of the art of youth violent radicalisation in the 5 target countries, this report will serve as a basis of the main project output: an e-course about positive skills youth can develop to prevent this phenomenon, directed to youth workers and educators.

Finally, the RADEX consortium also produced an executive summary in 4 different languages, you can find them here:

ALDA welcomes the French EU Council Presidency

This newly started 2022 has also marked the inauguration of a new Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Following Slovenia, from the 1st of January 2022, France has taken over the Presidency for the next six months, until June 30th, 2022.

In light of the delicate and peculiar situation the Union and the whole World are going through, the French Presidency will focus its mandate according to citizens’ expectations and needs, trying to bring the needed changes in a concrete way, as stated in the latest news.

Indeed, the new Presidency set its main priorities around three emblematic areas: climate, digital and social. At the same time, it will work to lay the basis for important changed and achievements linked to the economic sphere, youth, health and culture.

ALDA welcomes with enthusiasm the new French Presidency and encourages it to keep the active participation of citizens in the European governance high in the political agenda, thus giving the needed impetus to the closing phase of the Conference on the Future of Europe!

ALDA mournes the loss of David Sassoli, European Parliament President

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It’s with great sadness that we acknowledge the loss of David Sassoli, European Parliament President and former journalist.

On behalf of the whole staff of ALDA, its Governing Board and entire network, we will always remember Mr Sassoli as a convinced and committed European politician and activist, a person who could wisely lead one of the most important but complex Institution, as the European Parliament, since July 2019.

Davide Sassoli contributed to lead European policies and politics  in an extremely difficult period with a remarkable know-how and a solid set of principles: respect, loyalty and coherence to the cause.

Being the Parliament the EU institution which best represents its citizens, since its members are directly elected every five years through universal suffrage, David Sassoli perfectly represented the values carried on by ALDA: citizens participation, active commitment, solidarity, tolerance, equality, justice and much more.

Our condolences go to its family, his close colleagues, friends and to all who knew and appreciated him.

May he rest in peace.

THE:PLACE presentation of the Info Day in December 2021


If you are willing to know more about THE:PLACE and Euro-Turkish cooperation, you can find more details on our brand new programme following the Info Day held on December 17th on the presentation below.

From a general perspective, THE:PLACE programme aims to favour the empowerment of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Local Authorities (LAs) as actors of local development, through specific capacity building, peer learning and joint cooperation on co-designed common projects. 



Sub-granting scheme of Food Wave project: end of the first phase


he first phase of the sub-granting scheme of the addressed to young people and small civil society organizations has come to an end. Before going into details, few info on the project itself.

The Food Wave project – co-funded by the EU under the Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme (DEAR) and promoted by the Municipality of Milan together with ActionAid Italia, ACRA, Mani Tese and 25 project partners in 17 countries, including ALDA – aims at creating awareness on sustainable patterns of food consumption and production for climate change mitigation, activating young people and enabling them to influence institutional decisions.

Under the coordination of the European Association for Local Democracy – ALDA, a sub-granting scheme was established with the aim to support grassroot initiatives and street actions in the field of climate-friendly food consumption behaviors. The grants focused on street actions that can produce specific results and that will stand as examples and inspiration for citizens, NGOs, and Local Authorities (LAs) on how to generate constructive and result-oriented activities.

Sub-granting scheme was established with the aim to support grassroot initiatives and street actions in the field of climate-friendly food consumption behaviors

More specifically, the grants targeted concrete actions such as getting to know local producers and local markets; following sustainable diets to reduce the impact on the planet and protect human rights; creating alternative local food systems. And again, the fight against food waste; more sustainable food education and the dissemination of knowledge sharing to the fight against climate change; equitable access to healthy and more sustainable and fair food.

The beneficiaries of this first round of the Food Wave sub-grant scheme were 21 youth organizations from 13 different countries, whose initiatives involved 25 territories and more than 6,000 young people. All sub grantees witnessed a positive balance of projects and active local and territorial involvement, especially of youth and their families, never experienced before!

However, this is not the end of the project, but it marked the beginning of the food wave sub granting scheme: the second call for proposals is about to be launched in 2022 and it will involve Local Authorities. Stay Tuned!


The 21 beneficiaries of the 2021 Food Wave Sub Granting scheme were:

  1. Bx -Jeunes ASBL (Belgium – 1080 Brussels – Molenbeek)
  2. JCI Brugge vzw (Belgium, Bruges)
  3. Reflektor Foundation (Bulgaria, Sofia)
  4. Mar de Tierras (Spain, Madrid Region)
  5. Stamtish ( FRANCE, Strasbourg and its area)
  6. Coordination of Sisak’s Youth Associations (Koordinacija udruga mladih Siska K.U.M.S.)  (Croatia, Sisak-Moslavina county, Town Sisak)
  7. Felelős Gasztrohős Alapítvány -Heroes of Responsible Dining Foundation (Hungary, Budapest)
  8. Recup – Associazione di Promozione Sociale (Italy, Milan)
  9. YOUth Connect (Italy, Turin (with international online activities))
  10. Associazione di Promozione Sociale Laboratorio di Quartiere Giambellino Lorenteggio (Italy, Milan)
  11. Associazione Italiana Giovani per l’UNESCO (Italy: Aosta (Aosta); Assisi (Perugia); Orvieto (Terni); Riva del Garda (Trento); Larino (Campobasso); Termoli (Campobasso)
  12. CHANGE FOR PLANET – YOUTH IN ACTION – APS (Italy, Milan and Florence)
  13. Stichting ‘n Wilde Keuze (Foundation A Wild Choice), (Netherlands)
  14. Stichting Slow Food Youth Network (Netherlands, Italy (Milan, Turin and Rome), UK (Edinburgh and Glasgow),The Netherlands (Almere, Utrecht), Belgium (Molenbeek))
  15. Polski Klub Ekologiczny Okręg Pomorski (Poland, Warsaw)
  16. Associação Juvenil Rota Jovem (Portugal, Cascais Lisbon)
  17. Rio Neiva – Associação de Defesa do Ambiente / Rio Neiva – Environmental NGO (Portugal, Esposende)
  19. Hello Youth (Sweden, Örkelljunga)
  20. Entrepreneurial educational youth cooperative society EPEKA, ULTD, social enterprise (Slovenia, Maribor)
  21. Komunikum, Inštitut za podatkovno povezovanje v medmrežju (Slovenia, Ljubljana)


CAP-PERI Project: Call for External Evaluators


The project

CAP-PERI Common Agricultural Policy, Peer Educational Resources in Italy is expecting to improve citizens and especially youths’ information and enhance their awareness on what is the CAP and the social, economic and environmental implications of the policy both at National and European level.

Here you can find a CAP-PERI project overview 

Purpose of the evaluation & monitoring

The evaluation & monitoring expert/team of experts will be involved in the project CAPPERI, to support the co-applicants to understand, ensure, monitor and evaluate the overall impact of the project.

The evaluation and monitoring team will support the CAPPERI’s consortium to reach the objectives of the project by providing professional and expert advice for the timely and efficient implementation of its activities.

In particular, the external evaluator(s) has been foreseen for the following tasks:


  • A common detailed methodology including quantitative and qualitative indicators for monitoring the implementation process
  • Tools to measure the level of satisfaction of target populations, citizens, LAs and implementing entities
  • Internal evaluation to ensure the reaching of targets established and allowing to adjust better for future activities.


  • Concrete results in relation to the aims of the project
  • Local impact of practices experimented
  • Real commitment of the beneficiaries towards the project phases

ELABORATION OF A SUSTAINTABILITY PLAN that will include guidelines to promote the methodology of the project and the Tools created (creative outputs, Webinars, …) after the project completion


Obligations of the Expert(s)

In order to accomplish the mission, the external evaluator(s) is requested to participate for all the duration at the most important meetings of the project and of the final evaluation meeting.

Reactions by e-mail or Skype within the 72 hours after a direct request of advice from the members of the consortium are requested to the external evaluator(s).

The external evaluator will:

  • Take all the measures to prepare, implement and manage correctly the tasks and the missions assigned
  • Communicate to ALDA all the information, documents and suggestions essential or necessary for the execution of the activities
  • Fullfil the timesheet and report requested by ALDA necessary for the reporting activities


 Proposals including a concept note (max 7 pages) and budget proposal in English or Italian should be sent by email to as soon as possible and before the 21st  January 2022 at the latest.

ALDA will have the final decision on the choice of the external evaluation and its verdict will be unappealable.

For further information, please contact Alessandra Brigo (


Here you can find the detailed vacancy
Here you can find the CAP-PERI project overview


Winter Greetings & Happy New Year from ALDA


Winter Greeting and Happy New Year from ALDA President, Mr. Oriano Otočan, ALDA Secretary General Mrs Valmorbida and all the ALDA team!
As every December, it is time to stop for a second and look back at what has been done during the last 12 months. A year full of initiatives, meetings and events that give great energy for the upcoming 2022.


“Dear Members, Partners and Friends of ALDA, behalf of the whole team of ALDA, its Governing Board and all the LDAs, let me wish you all the best Winter Holidays that 2021 can offer to all of us!” – stated our President Mr Oriano Otočan  at the beginning to its letter.

“The year about to end has been a unique one – continued Mr. Otočan –  with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis still challenging deeply the implementation of our activities and everyday work all around Europe and beyond. Many of you have faced difficulties in the management of the crisis, from the economic to the social and cultural point of view. It is the reason why our support towards local communities has been more important than ever.

This year more than ever, our goal has been to connect our network of local communities and actors from Europe and beyond, deeply convinced that only together, by sharing ideas and by working together, we will overcome the complex challenges of our time. In this regard, we also launched a series of new opportunities for our members, among which the working groups, giving the opportunity to share, cooperate and shape together the future of our Association and of Europe as well.

Despite difficulties in the phase out this global pandemic, that deeply affected the life of all of us, we are ready to do our part to protect the more vulnerable ones and to approach ourselves to 2022 with renewed energy to finally come back to a new-form of “normality”, enriched by all the thoughts and challenges we all together faced in the past 2 years.

I wish also to use this opportunity to remember our dear friends and colleagues Sasa Marinkov, delegate of the Local Democracy Agency Central-Southern Serbia, and Victor Cotruta, Eastern Partnership Project Coordinator, that left us this year. Friends that we would truly remember and adore till the end of days.

"Let me wish you all the best Winter Holidays that 2021 can offer to all of us!" - Mr Otočan - ALDA President

As said, the year(s) behind us were not easy. Yet, besides challenges, they were also full of opportunities to prove the importance of mutual support that only the global community, composed by the local communities all over the globe, can provide. That is the core of ALDA, the core value of all of us: local communities working for a global sustainable change, towards a better future for all the human beings and for our planet as well!

Last but not least, – concluded Mr. Otočan –  I wish everyone all the best!  I wish you a better, calmer, safer and happier 2022!”


Similarly, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida, ALDA Secretary General wished to the network and friends of the association warm winter greetings and happy New Year, and willing to see each other soon in 2022.

Play the video and listen Mrs. Valmorbida’s winter greetings in Italian, French or Russian