Another way to support the Ukrainian people is to stand up and make our voices heard, that's why ALDA has been working on single or joint advocacy actions

ALDA statement on Ukraine – Russia

It is a sad day. Despite all the escalation in the recent months, it is still hard to contemplate that a full-scale war started in the middle of the European continent.  READ MORE

The Governing Board of ALDA condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Governing Board of ALDA condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, calls for immediate stop of the fights and calls for an immediate humanitarian corridor for the city of Mariupol, member of ALDA. READ MORE

Statement on the Russian exclusion from the Council of Europe

The Russian Federation cannot be a member of the Council of Europe and ALDA supports this decision.We are close to Ukrainians who are still in the country and those who are looking for shelters as IDPs in Ukraine and refugees in other countries. READ MORE

Mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, has been released

During this dark hour for Europe, we can share some positive newsthe mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, has been freed yesterday from captivity. ALDA celebrates this news together with Melitopol and all of Ukraine.  READ MORE

Statement on “Enlarging Europe for a better Europe”

ALDA is happy to celebrate the granted status of candidate country to the European Union, to Moldova and Ukraine. Since more than a decade our organization has accompanied the democratic transition and efforts of these countries.  READ MORE

Providing energy equipment to Ukraine: the European Committee of the Regions calls for cities and regions
Not only the CoR and the WG Ukraine, but also the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms; together with the Commissioner for Crisis Management Committee of the Regions launched a call to address the shortages of power and electricity  READ MORE