Eastern Partnership, Russia & Central Asia


Under ALDA’s umbrella, local and regional authorities and Local Democracy Agencies from the Eastern Partnership countries find favorable conditions to work together and in partnership with other European regions, municipalities and Civil Society Organisations to support the improvement of the social and economic situation in local communities, especially rural areas, and make them more inclusive, fair and sustainable places to live in.

Indeed, a properly developed participatory democracy definitely enhances standards of living and plays a key role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Additionally, Eastern Partnership countries have a pool of best practices and opportunities for valuable exchanges on participatory tools and local management for local authorities, representing a valuable and mutual added value in the international decentralised cooperation field.


Agences de Démocratie Locale



ALDA’s action in the Eastern Partnership area, in Russia and Central Asia aims to promote local democracy as the key process to achieve sustainable local development. At the same time, we expect ALDA and its regional Local Democracy Agencies to be unanimously recognized as the most active and professional stakeholders to bring forward the above-mentioned processes and values in the region and beyond.

In order to achieve such a long-term goal, ALDA is targeting the following short-term objectives:

  • Act as a vibrant CSO actor in the region by actively engaging in different policy and social processes;
  • Extend the network of Members and Local Democracy Agencies in the Eastern Partnership Countries and beyond;
  • Increase the number of projects implemented in the region that contributes to local development through local democracy process;
  • Focus our activities on the respect of the rule of law and transparency, freedom of expression and media freedom;
  • Encourage a stronger and structural cooperation with European communities and authorities paving the way to a sustainable and inclusive international communities, laying on intercultural exchanges and cultural heritage enhancement.

Domaines d'action

  • Promote and support democracy in all of its dimensions: with free and fair elections;
  • Fair, transparent, inclusive and prepared institutions;
  • Inform, prepare and engage citizens;
  • Decentralisation process and subsidiarity in governance
  • Participatory governance engaging elected representatives, civil servants and citizens;
  • Stronger and deeper value-based association with the countries of the eastern and southern neighborhoods of the European Union;
  • Inclusive communities respectful of human rights and minorities;
  • Synergy between democracy and development;
  • Development of independent and free medias and freedom of information;
  • Respect of rule of law and free elections.


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Regional strategies

Au cours de ses 20 premières années, ALDA a développé et affiné des stratégies spécifiques et ciblées pour réaliser sa mission dans les différentes régions du Monde.
En effet, il est fondamental d'être conscient que chaque région a son propre ensemble de caractéristiques particulières, étant le résultat de processus historiques, économiques et sociaux, nécessitant ainsi une certaine approche.
Lisez nos stratégies régionales et découvrez les principaux objectifs et domaines d'actions que nous avons ciblés pour soutenir l'engagement local et la démocratie participative dans le Monde !