Members in action

Every initiative is important: find below all actions taken by the members of ALDA to help Ukraine and feel free to join or spread the word

Gdansk Municipality 

Joint call to EU and governments to stop the war in Ukraine – Sign the petition for peace by March, 18th, 2022. READ MORE

Congress of Local and Regional Authorithies of the Council of Europe

A Congress’ meeting to coordinate its network of local authorities to support Ukraine. READ MORE

Youth4Ukraine: together to support young generations in Ukraine

The initiative, promoted by ALDA Member DYPALL, gathers voices and thoughts of young people from all over Europe on the current situation in Ukraine. READ MORE

The “Union of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland” together to help Ukrainian refugees

“Union of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland” has launched an initiative in order to provide help to the town and cities located especially on the border. READ MORE

Help for Ukraine: the emergency campaign in Wrocław

Le Mayor of Wrocław, together with the Metropolitan of Wrocław are supporting an emergency campaign to provide help to people in Ukraine. READ MORE