"Glokalna" Demokracija

A global democratic world may only lay on democratic local communities

Local Communities, and their stakeholders, both institutional and not, have always been at the core of our work, starting from our belief that a global democratic world can lay only on democratic local communities. The action of going global does not interfere with our work on local level. Local democracy, working with local authorities and civil society remains our priority.

We continue working on the field, and respecting our values commitments, especially throughout the involvement of local citizens, local authorities and representative of the local organize civil society, but also involving and referring to local providers when implementing actions locally and assuring a wise and fair use of budget locally in decentralized cooperation actions.

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Europsko partnerstvo za demokraciju



EU-Russia Civil Society Forum

Agencija lokalne demokratije

Black Sea – NGO Forum

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sa Medijskim Dijalogom

KAS Tunisia

Fostering Local Reforms – Ukraine & Moldova

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