Festival Theatre Nomades: Join ALDA and its team


ALDA has been invited to take part in the Festival Théâtres Nomades and we could not be more excited! The event will take place from August 18 to 21, 2022 in Brussels at Bois de la Cambre and it is dedicated to street arts and theatre. Nonetheless, it is also an eclectic moment open to NGOs and associations that will share their missions and projects in a recreational way. 

This original free event offers to spectators a program of shows adapted to all audiences. It takes place every summer for 4 days and it is organised by the Compagnie des Nouveaux Disparus. Each year, thanks to its sustainable approach and varied program, it gathers a large audience from Brussels and other parts of Belgium with diverse socio-cultural backgrounds.

ALDA will be present at Festival Théâtres Nomades with a stand dedicated to the projects Climate of Change i PART-Y

ALDA has been invited by Fondacija Anna Lindh., within which the Association represents a key actor for networking activities. From a general perspective, ALDA colleagues will be present with a stand dedicated to the projects Climate of Change and PART-Y. The first one focuses on finding sustainable solutions while spurring for policy change to preserve the planet for future generations, as well as to share the responsibility for the protection of the Earth fairly. In the framework of the festival, ALDA aims to help the signature collection of the petition “End Climate Change, Start Climate of Change"

Concerning the second initiative, the objective of promoting the PART-Y project during the event is to trigger the participation in civic life of young people (13-20 years) by fostering their inclusion in the policies decision-making process. 

Overall, the festival appears to be a unique opportunity for ALDA to raise awareness and promote its mission through these projects. Do not miss the opportunity to join, enjoying art and exhibitions in a wonderful bucolic setting in Brussels.

[Picture from Festival Theatres Nomades]


Il Giardino di Alice, the family theatre review is back in Vicenza!


The family theatre review Il Giardino di Alice, organised by the Vicenza-based company “exvUoto teatro” with the support of the Municipality of Vicenza, returns to Vicenza. This year the review will be divided into 10 appointments: the usual 6 Sundays at the Giardini Salvi in the morning at 9.45 a.m. will be united under the title of “Storie da Mangiare” (Stories to Eat) and, from this year, 4 free events will be held in neighbourhood playgrounds outside the city centre under the title of “Storie di fuoco di acqua di terra e di vento” (Stories of fire water earth and wind).

“We want to bring our proposal of community theatre also to the neighbourhoods, to involve the population that with more difficulty could reach the centre,” say Tommaso Franchin i Andrea Dellai of exvUoto teatro, organisers of the review.

Il Giardino di Alice: "to involve the population that with more difficulty could reach the centre"

We believe that theatre can really change places and the perception of them, and this can only be done with the support of the entire community,’ they continue. For this reason, the festival uses a well-established public-private partnership formula, and numerous companies have decided to get involved alongside the company in its realisation. Each partner has been involved in the creation of the playful workshops on the theme of food sustainability that follow the shows. Cereal Docks, Centro Ortodontico Vicentino and Birrificio Ofelia will thus take care of the creation of engaging workshops for children, but also for their parents. ALDA Europe will co-curate the 18 August event at the playground in Via Roma.

This year there is also a wonderful novelty: thanks to the support of the Culture Department and the Historic Parks Office, the Loggia Valmarana will be open to the public for the first time in years, welcoming spectators after the shows or in the event of rain.

“It is a real pleasure to open the garden and the Loggia Valmarana to families,” says the Vicenza Culture Councillor Simona Siotto, “a place that was created to host moments of culture and that is preparing to welcome spectators and to be a possible stage for the theatrical performances of the review. I also stress that teaching our children the importance of food sustainability is a fundamental educational activity, especially in this period of great climate change in which we are called upon to adopt environmentally friendly behaviour from an early age’.

ALDA is very much glad to be among the main partners of “Il Giardino di Alice” local event, engaging families, kids, citizens, authorities and everyone in Vicenza!

Upcoming events:

  1. Sunday 7 August 9:45 a.m. - Giardini Salvi - THE THREE LITTLE PIGS OF PIAN DEL PORCO - Rocking Theatre - Workshop by centro ortodontico vicentino
  2. Thursday 18 August at 18:00 - Via Roma playground - STORIES OF EARTH with Andrea Dellai and Tommaso Franchin
  3. Sunday 21 August 9:45 a.m. - Giardini Salvi - GRANDMOTHER! LIVE - TASTE STORIES - Theatre 19 - Workshop by craft brewery ofelia
  4. Saturday 27 August at 18:00 - Via Giuriato playground - San Pio X - STORIES OF WIND with Martina Pittarello and Gabriele Grotto


Food Wave supports 16 project ideas led by Municipalities and targets Young People, all over Europe!

Call for proposal, networking 

16 Projects were selected for the Food Wave Call for proposals directed to Municipalities and Cities! 

. Food Wave – Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Action is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme and promoted by the Municipality of Milan together with 29 partners across 17 countries. It aims to create awareness of sustainable ways to consume and produce food for climate change mitigation. 

. Food Wave-a Poziv za dostavu prijedloga projekata is coordinated by ALDA with the collaboration of the project partners and in synergy with the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) and aims to involve smaller youth organizations and local authorities in realizing actions promoting climate-friendly food consumption behaviors. It will fund the selected proposals up to 3.750 Euro, directly involving young people – between 15 and 35 years old – in nine EU countries. 

The main themes that the funded proposals will address are: sustainable diets to reduce the impact on the planet and protect human rights, fight against food waste, sustainable food education and knowledge sharing/dissemination, local alternative food systems, local producer and territorial market, fight against climate change and equal access to healthy, sustainable and fair food. 

The main activities that the municipalities will implement include, among others, communication, promotion of good practices, cooking workshops, thematic visits, flash mobs, awareness-raising public events, initiatives in schools, art contests, and initiatives against food waste.

16 Projects were selected for the Food Wave Call for proposals directed to Municipalities and Cities!

This year, the Food Wave call for proposals took place in two rounds

The first one was held in March and saw the selection of ten projects in five EU countries (Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and The Netherlands), particularly related to sustainable diets, food waste, sustainable food education and equal opportunities for access to healthy and fair food. 

The second one was held in June and saw the selection of six projects in six EU countries (Italy, France, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and Spain), mainly focused on promoting sustainable practices, local alternative food systems, and knowledge sharing.

The activities carried out by the municipalities will involve a large number of stakeholders – from Universities and local schools to associations and local CSOs, effectively mobilizing and engaging more than 8.000 young people in their local communities.

Through the territorial actions promoted by the selected applicants, the project is contributing to the SDGs localization and the implementation of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda, with a specific focus on fighting hunger (SDG 2), contributing to economic growth and decent work opportunities (SDG 8), promoting responsible consumption and production patterns (SDG 12), building sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11) and contributing to the climate action starting from the territorial level (SDG 13). 

The Cities chosen for the first wave of this year’s call are: 


Country and territory where the project would be implemented
City of SchaerbeekBelgium – Schaerbeek
City of TrentoItaly – Trento
City of PurmerendNetherlands – Purmerend
Municipality of 7th District of BudapestHungary – Budapest area
City of SzobHungary – Szob
City of BenediktSlovenia – Benedikt
City of RazkrižjeSlovenia – Razkrižje
City of EtterbeekBelgium – Etterbeek
City of KungotaSlovenia – Kungota
City of HajdinaSlovenia – Hajdina


The Cities chosen for the second wave of this year’s call are:

City of VimianzoSpain – Vimianzo
City of Óbuda-Békásmegyer, Budapest District IIIHungary – Budapest area
City of PollicaItaly – Pollica
City of CampolidePortugal – Campolide
City of Palaio FaliroGreece – Palaio Faliro
City of Ploeuc L’HermitageFrance – Ploeuc L’Hermitage



3rd ALDATalk to exchange ideas on Urban Migration

On 22nd of August ALDA held the 3rd #ALDATalk dedicated to exchange ideas on Urban Migration.

Thank to the expertise of some Members and speakers, this third webinar has been the perfect occasion to further develop knowledge on the strict bond which stands among migration and urbanism: Hence, as already testified by the experience of EPIC -European Platform of Integrating Cities – Project, these two aspects do have lot in common and a holistic approach need to be pursue in order to boost integration.

More in concrete, among the keynote speakers, joining the event:

  • Ms Burcuhan ŞENER, Migration Policy Center Director from Zajednica općina Marmara (MMU), presented the current migration context in Turkey and specifically in Istanbul and Marmara Region.
  • Ms. Cloé Saint-Nom, Coordinator of the Rights and Justice Unit and Cristina Idone Befecadu shared their best practices in the migration and integration policies and projects based on examples of work of CESIE on the inclusion of migrant women survivors of trafficking

Third ALDATalk: on Urban Migration!

Thus, benefitting from their insights and comments, the audience had the opportunity to learn from the best practices presented; while having the chance to reflect on what should be done in the future to improve the migration and integration policies.

Finally, ALDA would like to thank the members who participated, and looks forward the upcoming Talk!


How to talk about the Schuman declaration? Discover the DESIRE project!

Discover the various and innovative activities on “Schuman Declaration” done by the DESIRE project partners in Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Serbia, North Macedonia, Belgium, Slovenia and Croatia

After many events, meetings, the publication of the e-book and many other activities, DESIRE partners are now sharing another key documents, which collects together a great number of information on the different initiatives implemented within the project.

Willing to know more on “European Remembrance” for example?  Check it here as strand one of the project!

O projektu „DESIRE“

DEclaration of Schuman: Initiative for Revitalizing Europe (DESIRE) is a Europe for Citizens funded project. The project aims to raise people and especially youth’s awareness on the historical importance and the meaning of the Declaration of Schuman for the EU. The objective is to actively involve youth in approaching history in a proactive way. Through the co-creation of artistic tools, as videos, theatre, games, audio narratives, partners will accompany groups of youth citizens in re-discovering history and in debating on EU values as intercultural dialogue, peace and solidarity. The consortium is leading by Comune di Lavarone (Italy) and composed by Fondazione Belvedere-Gschwent (Italy), Union of bulgarian black sea local authorities (Bulgaria), Municipio de Valongo (Portugal), Danube 1245 (Serbia), Zdruzenie Institut za razvoj na zaednicata (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Administration Communale de Grez-Doiceau (Belgium), The Boter Institute (Slovenia), Kulturni centar Osijek (Croatia), ALDA (France).


ALDA na predstavljanju plana Istanbul Vision 2050: odgovor na izazove globalizacije konkretnim politikama

Ovog mjeseca ALDA je pozvana od strane Istanbulske metropole i Istanbulske agencije za planiranje za planiranje događaja lansiranja plana Istanbul Vision 2050 i otvaranje IPA kampusa.

Istanbul 2050 je novi strateški i politički plan koji je grad Istanbul zamislio za 2050. godinu da bude održiviji, inkluzivniji i otporniji. To je rezultat participativnog, interdisciplinarnog i znanstvenog procesa koji traje više od 2 godine u saradnji s građanima i raznim lokalnim, nacionalnim i međunarodnim akterima.

Nadovezujući se na različite međunarodne instrumente, trendove i pristupe u pogledu održivog razvoja i prilagođen prioritetnim pitanjima, ciljevima i potencijalnim problemima Istanbula, plan se fokusira na 7 glavnih stubova a to su klima i životna sredina, transformativna i otporna ekonomija, pristupačna i fdr urbani sadržaji za sve, živi i i senzibiln prostori koji osiguravaju dobar život za sve, efikasnu i inkluzivnu mobilnost, integrisane i pametne infrastrukturne sisteme i jednako i slobodno društvo.

  1. Climate and Environment,
  2. Transformative and Resilient Economy,
  3. Accessible and Fair Urban Amenities for All,
  4. Vibrant and Sensible Spaces Assuring Good Living for All,
  5. Effective and Inclusive Mobility,
  6. Integrated and Smart Infrastructure Systems, and
  7. Equal and Free Society.

ALDA je pozvana od strane Istanbulske metropole na događaj lansiranja plana Istanbul Vision 2050

Ovaj događaj je stoga predstavljao prekretnicu, jer je bio prva prilika da se planira predstaviti građanima i međunarodnoj zajednici, a predstavili su ga svi akteri koji su radili na njemu i gradonačelnik Istanbula M. Ekrem İmamoğlu . Održan 5th i 6 th u novootvorenom kampusu Istanbul Planning Agency Florya, događaj je okupio stotine domaćih i međunarodnih stručnjaka, brojne radionice, konferencije, aktivnosti i prateće događaje i okupio značajan broj sudionika.

Naša koleginica gospođa Apolline Bonfils, projektna službenica odjela za Bliski istok i Afriku, intervenisala je na panelu „Rasprava o ulozi gradova u agendi održivog razvoja nakon 2030.“ tokom prvog dana inauguracije koji je imao cilj identifikovati izazove i mogućnosti međunarodnih okvira održivosti za gradove. Ta večer i naredni dan bili su posvećeni prezentaciji i projekciji Plana Istanbulske vizije 2050 iz različitih perspektiva.

Ovaj okvir koji je izradio Istanbul predstavlja vrijedan i konkretan primjer za druge gradove kako da se prilagode trenutnim izazovima globalizacije kroz efikasne politike na lokalnom nivou. ALDA je zahvalna Metropoli što je to učinila dijelom razmatranja ovog plana i šalje ohrabrenje svim dionicima u Istanbulu koji su uključene u njegov razvoj i implementaciju.

Naučite više o Istambul Vision 2050 planu



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Vila Angaran dočekuje volontere Univerzalne državne službe

Počelo je! Sa puno entuzijazma ALDA tim je u Villi Angaran dočekala odabrane volontere Lighting Europe Democracy (LED), koji će se pridružiti Asocijaciji u posljednjim mjesecima.

Počevši od ponedjeljka, 11. jula 2022. godine, devet mladih tek diplomiranih studenata pohađa dvonedjeljnu detaljnu obuku koja se dotiče različitih aktivnosti i tako upoznaje nekoliko kolega iz ALDA-e.

Iz opće perspektive, ovogodišnji projekt, koji je zajedno razvio općinu Kremona u okviru Talijanskog programa „Univerzalna državna služba“, usredotočen je na promociju mira među ljudima i saradnju. Stoga će volonteri pratiti kako je opšti cilj projekta pretočen u svakodnevne aktivnosti ALDA-e.

Villa Angaran is now hosting in-depth trainings for this year Civil Service volunteers

Imajući to na umu, treninzi koji se sada odvijaju u mirnom i lijepom okruženju Ville Angaran u Bassano del Grappa (Italija), omogućuju sudionicima da saznaju više o:

  • Participativnim procesima
  • Kako razviti projekt
  • Kako komunicirati i dijeliti informacije
  • Logistika u organizaciji projektnih sastanaka
  • Finansijsko upravljanje

Podijeljeni u male radne grupe, LER volonteri su aktivno sudjelovali u treninzima, tako što su izrađivali – na primjer – plan komunikacije, ili budžet događaja.

Aktivnosti će se nastaviti još sedmicu dana, a zatim će učesnici LER-a posjetiti urede ALDA-e u Briselu, Strazburu i Skoplju. ALDA tim upućuje najbolje želje, čekajući naredne vijesti i novosti!


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Gdansk welcomes CAMELOT: urban and metropolitan EU cohesion policies

On the 4th and 5th of July, KAMELOT partners gathered in Gdansk (Poland) for the Steering committee and the international conference at the European Solidarity Centre (ESC).

On the first day, the meeting was structured as a roundtable where all the partners shared their experience on urban and metropolitan EU cohesion policies, mainly by talking about the actions undertaken to tackle climate change and its consequences. 

The following day, CAMELOT partners joined the 3rd Pomeranian Climate Solidarity Forum in the ESC. The forum was  devoted to energy transition, environmental issues, renewable energy sources and adaptation to climate change. The forum began by talking of the current war in Ukraine and its implication in the energy sector.

In Gdansk to experience on urban and metropolitan EU cohesion policies

In the introduction, the Secretary General of ALDA, Ms. Antonelle Valmorbida,, took part in the panel discussion alongside the Mayor of Gdansk, Ms. Aleksandra Dulkiewicz. Valmorbida talked about the role of Local Democracy Agencies in Ukraine and the importance of European solidarity to the country, then she explained how ALDA and its network are bringing EU funded projects to Ukraine and how to keep fostering the alliance. The forum continued with 3 debates on:

  • winter energy, 
  • climate change in metropolitan areas (in which the CAMELOT project described its outcome) and 
  • climate impact on agriculture.

Overall, the meeting was a successful moment of mutual exchange among partners on how to localise at metropolitan level the cohesion policy.


Delegacija Turske u posjeti austrijskim i hrvatskim institucijama

Od 12. do 18. juna 2022. godine delegacija visokih dužnosnika nacionalnih i lokalnih vlasti (LA) iz Turske učestvovala je u prekograničnoj studijskoj posjeti o pitanjima vezanim za lokalnu upravu u Austriji i Hrvatskoj.

U organizaciji ALDA+ i UNDP-a Turske, u okviru projekta LAR, III, ova treća studijska posjeta omogućila je polaznicima da prošire svoja znanja o kapacitetima lokalnih uprava dvije gore navedene države članice EU; kroz nekoliko sastanaka s austrijskim i hrvatskim visokim predstavnicima ministarstava, regionalnih i lokalnih vlasti.

Posjeta je počela od Beča. Prvog dana delegacija je primila Federal Ministry of Finance i Federalno ministarstvo umjetnosti, kulture, usluga i sporta . Dan poslije dočekani su u prekrasnom prostoru grada Beča prije nego što su otišli u Graz.

U okviru projekta LAR III delegacija Turske je posjetila institucije Austrije i Hrvatske

Tamo je, npr. Turska delegacija imala priliku sastati se sa predstavnicima Grada Graza i pokrajine Štajerske . Zadnji su podijelili primjere kako najbolje prakse, tako i iskustva u oblasti upravljanja učinkom; kao i aktivnosti austrijskog lobiranja u Briselu, dok nudi obilazak sa vodičem ulicama srednjovjekovnog starog grada.

Štaviše, da završimo na visokoj noti, Pula je bila domaćin završnih susreta hrvatskim LA-ima. Stoga su direktor regionalnog koordinatora Istarske županije za Evropske programe i fondove i predstavnik Istarske razvojne agencije poželjeli dobrodošlicu Turskoj delegaciji LAR III, pruživši dobro znanje i alate o participativnom lokalnom upravljanju.

Na kraju, sudionici su otputovali u Zagreb gdje su razmijenili iskustva s predstavnicima Ministarstva pravosuđa i uprave, , Grada Zagreba te se tom prilikom susreli s predsjednikom Hrvatsko-Turskog društva prijateljstva i obišli izložbe u povodu 30 godina saradnje Turske i Hrvatske.

Sve u svemu, bila je to detaljna, vrlo korisna i intenzivna sedmica … kojs je sigurno obogatila iskustva!


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Stavljanje građana u srce zelene i pravedne tranzicije kako bismo postigli PRAVI DEAL i za ljude i za planetu

REAL DEAL je nedavno pokrenut istraživački projekt, finansiran od strane programa Horizon 2020 za istraživanje i inovacije, koji ima za cilj preoblikovanje aktivnog sudjelovanja građana i zainteresiranih strana oko Evropskog zelenog dogovora (EGD).

Nadovezujući se na nedavna iskustva panevropskih deliberativnih procesa, kao što je konferencija o budućnosti Evrope, glavni istraživački cilj REAL DEAL-a je analizirati, testirati i vrijednovati inovativne alate, formate i procese za učešće građana i odlučivanje o kontekstu zelene i pravedne tranzicije.

U istraživanju partneri su počeli postavljati konceptualne osnove za budući protokol za deliberativno donošenje odluka na Evropskom i državnom nivou u kontekstu Evropskog zelenog dogovora. Nakon toga slijedi testiranje i vrijednovanje inovativnih deliberativnih formata i alata u 13 zemalja i na nivo EU, uključujući digitalne, hibridne i fizičke događaje i procese.

Prijavite se ovdje here i pridružite se #RealDealEu zajednici!

Paralelno, REAL DEAL partneri su počeli da identifikuju i mobilišu panevropsku mrežu zainteresovanih strana, sa više od 500 organizacija koje rade u oblastima deliberativne demokratije i klimatskih akcija širom Evrope. Prvi sastanak ove mreže zainteresiranih strana održan je tokom „Foruma civilnog društva za održivost: Oblikovanje Evropskog zelenog dogovora“,, koji je započeo 9. juna 9th in Brussels (Belgium).u Briselu (Belgija).

Projekt ima posvećen transdisciplinarni pristup, suvoditeljstvo u koordinaciji projekta i zajedničko kreiranje cjelokupnog rada od početka i tokom cijelog rada (od prijedloga do preciziranja istraživačkih pitanja) u radnim paketima i zadataka do interne revizije, a sve u zajedničkom radu istraživača i organizacija civilnog društva. Iz perspektive šireg uključivanja građana, REAL DEAL je postavljen da se angažuje sa građanima i drugim zainteresovanim stranama izgradnjom zajednice Evropljana koji promovišu učešće i promišljanje u zelenoj i pravednoj tranziciji. Digitalni centar u kojem se građani mogu uključiti i poduzeti akciju je:

Kako bi ispunio ambiciozne ciljeve svojih istraživačkih i javnih aktivnosti, REAL DEAL okuplja 16 (šesnaest) partnera, uključujući istraživače deliberativne demokratije i najveće Evropske organizacije civilnog društva (OCD). 

Projektom zajednički koordiniraju istraživačka organizacija Institut za napredne studije održivosti (IASS) i organizacija civilnog društva Evropski biro za životnu sredinu (EEB). 

Istraživački projekt REAL DEAL uključuje: 

  • Istraživače i praktičare deliberativne demokratije iz širokog spektra oblasti, uključujući studije održivosti, participativnu demokratiju, ekološka prava i zakon javnog učešća, etiku i odgovorne inovacije, rodne studije i ekofeminizam, psihologiju, geografiju, urbano planiranje.
  • Najveće Evropske mreže civilnog društva koje se zalažu za životnu sredinu, klimu, održivi razvoj, ženska prava, lokalnu i evropsku demokratiju i ekološke organizacije mladih .

ALDA traži realizaciju ovog projekta, uz promociju aktivnog učešća u okviru zelene tranzicije!


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