ALDA is pleased to invite you to participate in the final LIFE METRO ADAPT meeting, entitled: “Strategies and measures for adaptation to climate change in the Metropolitan City of Milan”.

The event will take place over several days from 21 to 28 September 2021 in the framework of “All4Climate-Italy2021“, which gathers all the events dedicated to the fight against climate change. Take place in Italy,  it aims at promoting an active and constructive dialogue on the challenges of the climate crisis and at fostering the achievement of the objectives of the Paris Agreement. All4Climate is an opportunity for all those involved in the fight against climate change to make a concrete contribution to the debate preceding the Pre-COP hosted in Milan in September and the COP26 hosted by the UK in November.

The initiative “Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Measures in the Metropolitan City of Milan” has to be understood within the  framework of the project Metro Adapt – Strategies and Measures for Climate Change Adaptation in the Metropolitan City of Milan. The latter is intended to promote the creation of a sound climate change governance common to all local authorities (LAs); while producing tools that allow LAs to implement efficient adaptation measures.

The event will be a mix of moments of knowledge exchange with national and international experts as well as moments of entertainment. Guided visits to the project’s pilot sites will also be on the agenda. Overall, the final objective is to drive the attention on climate change and climate change adaptation strategies closer to public decision makers, municipal technicians, citizens, young people and students.

The first scheduled event will take place on 21 SEPTEMBER 2021 from 9.00 to 10.45 am.

It is an international workshop (online): “Climate change adaptation strategies in European metropolises”. The workshop is addressed to national and international local and regional authorities and, specifically, to European metropolitan areas, with the aim of creating a space for dialogue and exchange of good practices on climate change adaptation in urban areas. Moreover, starting from the climate change adaptation strategy designed by LIFE Metro Adapt, it will boost a co-creation process leading to the co-design of a sustainability plan and the creation of synergies and future collaboration opportunities among participants. The meeting will be conducted online in English. Registration required at this link.

Looking forward to see you there!