Join the call: become a partner of the Local Democracy Agencies in Ukraine, support democracy and community engagement now and in the months and years to come!

Ukraine has been experiencing an unjust and inhuman invasion from Russian troops since February 2022. Yet, the resistance and resilience of Ukrainian people is heroic and without precedent. It is for those people that are now living under the war, that the Association has strongly worked, as also demonstrated with the campaign #ALDAforUkraine.

Since the very beginning, ALDA has been active in Ukraine, with members and partners developing a series of initiatives aimed to improve people’s lives. Thus, thanks to the Local Democracy Agency Dnipro, established in 2014 with the support of Lower Silesia – Poland; and Democracy Agency Mariupol (funded in 2017 with the support of Gdansk – Poland), the Association is a strategic player in the Country. Specifically, the  two above-mentioned LDAs, based on the decentalised cooperation mechanism, work together with civil society to support peace, and community development.

For almost 10 years, ALDA has thus worked and built strong relations with local actors, and communities. This is why it is now in the front line to provide help to Ukrainian citizens, as also marked by the “Donors Conference”, one of the most recent events, organised within this framework.

In order to support Ukraine, ALDA also set up the vodećom inicijativom u Ukrajini, and the partnership of the Local Democracy Agencies is the backbone of this initiative. They are meeting in regular partner meetings that represent the decision-making body of the programs. After a year of difficult management, due to the ongoing war, in 2023 we are bringing back activities into tracks aiming, on one hand, at further strengthening and consolidating (given the circumstances) the existing LDAs in Dnipro and Mariupol and, on the other hand, at opening new LDAs in other regions of Ukraine.

In light of this, the Association is now willing to further encourage its network, partners and friends to also take part in this commitment to support people in Ukraine. How?

  1. By asking for more information on the overall work of ALDA and the LDAs in Ukraine
  2. By joining the call and becoming a partner of the LDA Odesa i LDA Vinica, which soon are going to be open

Let’s work together for Ukraine, and its people!

For more information you can email the ALDA4Ukraine unit

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