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In memory of Didier Duboisset, dear friend and partner of ALDA

It is with great sorrow and profound sadness that we learnt of the passing of our dearest partner and friend, Didier Duboisset, convinced and committed supporter of our cause and mission.

Didier has always been actively involved in our network, first as a member representing the group of French local authorities Pays Vichy-Auvergne, then as a member of the Governing Board of ALDA, until 2022.

By virtue of the quality of its contribution, he was now Observing Member of the Board and of the activities of ALDA, serving the Association with his high expertise and experience, especially in the field of local and territorial development. He was also a key figure in the relations between ALDA and the network Leader France, with which the Association has been collaborating for several years.

The entire staff of ALDA, the Secretary General, the President and the members of the Governing Board join in the grief for this terrible loss.
We will continue to remember Didier in our activities, knowing that we were fortunate to have worked with him for many years.

Our deepest sympathies to his family, colleagues, friends and to all who knew and appreciated him.


Call for participants - THE:PLACE Programme

Programme & objectives:

THE:PLACE is a collaborative exchange programme designed to establish enduring networks between Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Türkiye and the European Union. Managed by ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy e MAD – Mekanda Adalet Derneği and supported by the Mercator Foundation, the programme aims to empower CSOs and Local Authorities(LAs) as crucial actors in local development.

The programme aims to enhance CSOs’ capacity to make a significant impact in their respective work areas, by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and cooperation among those working on local issues. It also encourages collaboration with local authorities through quadrilateral partnerships. The programme provides targeted capacity building, peer learning, e subgrant support on joint partnership projects.

THE:PLACE will last from November 2021 to October 2025, supporting two rounds of beneficiaries (the first from February 2022 to October 2023 and the second from September 2023 to September 2025).

Who is THE:PLACE for?

We are seeking CSOs which: 

  • adopt human rights or development based approach (İnsan hakları veya kalkınma temelli yaklaşım) 
  • are non-for-profit NGOs and Foundations (Türkiye için dernek, vakıf ve kar-amacı-gütmeyen kooperatifler); 
  • are based in Türkiye or the European Union 
  • are interested in engaging in an international exchange process coupled with an enhanced engagement with a local authority at the city level (either municipalities or metropolitan municipalities/district municipalities and metropolitan municipalities in Türkiye) 
  • have an experience in project management and sufficient stability as an organisation (for example, a minimum of 3 permanent staff members for both EU and TR CSOs and preferably a maximum of 10 permanent staff members for TR, 20 for EU);

The call for participants will be open until July 7, 2023

What will we work on at THE:PLACE?

The program doesn’t have restrictions on topics in which participating CSOs would like to enhance their capacity or work on the joint project they would like to develop later as long as they align with the general framework of the Human Rights Based Approach and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And, of course, CSOs are expetected to be motivated to collaborate with local authorities and actively engage in international exchange with their counterparts through those topics.

In light of the recent earthquake disaster in Türkiye and the growing climate crisis worldwide, we believe it is crucial to incorporate a disaster resilience perspective into our works of any kind. Therefore, the program will look for participating CSOs to integrate this perspective into the projects they develop and implement later within the program.

Come fare domanda?

Leggete il bando completo per avere tutte le informazioni sul bando e sulle modalità di candidatura!

Il bando sarà aperto dal until 7 July 2023.

All the questions related to the present call for participants and the participation modalities have to be addressed to the following email address:

Any questions? Read the Frequently Asked Questions qui.

🇬🇧 Read the call for participants


ALDA in Belgrade to advance Civil Society Organisations governance in the EU, Western Balkans and Türkiye!

ALDA took part in the two-day Civil Society Organisation Governance Community of practice regional meeting, organised by EU TACSO 3 in Belgrade (Serbia) on 11 and 12 May 2023.

The objective of the meeting was to bring together key stakeholders from the Western Balkans region and Türkiye to share best regional and EU experiences on CSO governance and create a community of practice on governance.

The aim of the meeting was to create a community of practice on governance

At this working meeting, Milena Dimitrovska-Zurovska, ALDA Skopje project developer, shared the Association’s European and regional experiences with CSO governance, challenges and approaches to transformation. Ms. Dimitrovska-Zurovska spoke about the development of the network, the activities and different approaches adopted by ALDA during its work in the region and how these have helped the network to grow outside its original borders in the Western Balkans.

ALDA will continue to work with professionals in the region and build partnerships to ensure the development of the Western Balkans and Türkiye on its path towards the EU.

Respond Locally to Global Issues - Call for proposals for local actions on Sustainability: results are out!

In February 2022, ALDA launched a call for proposals to fund ALDA members willing to support participatory actions in the field of sustainability.

In order to promote good governance and citizen participation at the local level in Europe and beyond, ALDA leads a wide range of actions supporting local, national and international stakeholders in achieving their goals in the fields of European integration, decentralisation, human rights, social inclusion, sustainable development, civic initiatives and much more. As its core element, ALDA supports citizens and groups of citizens in their initiatives aimed at improving their local context, building bridges with local authorities in order to make the change real. In this framework, ALDA works through a participatory approach and the method of multilateral decentralised cooperation, always focusing on strong partnerships between local authorities and civil society organisations.

ALDA works with and for local resilient communities, to address the future challenges from a democratic, environmental, social and economic point of view. The call was aimed at supporting local and grass-root initiatives in the field of EU rights and values, in order to promote both a sense of belonging to the EU in view of the 2024 EU elections, and a sense of “local ownership” and engagement in the local community. This way the funded projects were able to pave the way for further activities in this sense and ensure the capitalisation of the results.

“Respond Locally to Global Issues” call for proposals: results are out!

The call was addressed to ALDA members based in the EU which presented their own projects focused on increasing public knowledge, awareness and interest about the EU key policies and strategies.

ALDA received many interesting and qualitative applications. After the evaluation carried out by an appointed  Evaluation Committee (EC), 15 organisations from 8 different countries were selected.

These organizations will implement different strategies at local level targeting different vulnerable groups in areas such as: education, health, climate action, gender equality among others.

Click here to discover the 15 beneficiaries of the regranting programme!

Welcome 3P4SSE: a new ALDA+ project on Social and Solidarity Economy

On April 18th and 19th, 2023, a new Interreg Central Europe project has kicked off in the Italian city of Trento.

Public-private-partnership for Social and Solidarity Economy (3P4SSE) – this is the project’s title – aims at filling Central Europe regional gaps in addressing weak economic sectors (with low added value) and disadvantaged people, by promoting the territorial clusterisation of Social and Solidarity Economies, creating a multilevel networks scheme at European and regional scales, based on Public-Private Partnership and a strategic EU cooperation.

Lasting 36 months, the project involves 11 partners from central Europe, led by the Autonomous Province of Trento, namely ALDA+, the National Foundation for Civil Society Development (Croatia), the Regional Development Agency ARLEG (Poland), Prizma Foundation (Slovenia), FAB – Vocational Support Association (Austria), Pannon Business Network Association (Hungary), Links Foundation (Italia), Regional Development Agency for Podravje – Maribor (Slovenia), Trentino Federation of Cooperation (Italia), Lower Silesian Centre for Social Policy (Poland) and Split – Dalmatia County (Croatia).

Increasing citizen participation and the democratic level in different local Western Balkans realities is the key point at the basis of the partnership between ALDA and CEI, that are currently cooperating and joining forces to give concrete support to the building of a strong local good governance expertise

3P4SSE aims at filling Central Europe regional gaps in addressing weak economic sectors and disadvantaged people, by promoting the territorial clusterisation of Social and Solidarity Economies

The Kick-off meeting took place over two days dedicated to deepening the mutual knowledge of project partners, setting-up an action plan for the following months and discovering Solidarity Economy experiences in the Region of Trento.

Indeed, the first day a field visit was organised at the Centre for Solidarity Economy, in Trento (Italy) where project partners could discover this interesting and inspiring reality and have an introduction of the Trentino Solidarity Economy System. The following day was mainly focused on getting organised for the months to come, defining an action plan for future activities and discussing some key technical elements of the project.

In the following weeks and months the first project’s activities will start locally and all social media and information channels, included the project’s website, will be fully available.

Stay tuned!

Challenges of migrants’ integration: get inspired from the experiences of Cities and NGOs - EPIC final conference

After more than 3 years of hard work, the partners of EPIC will finally have the opportunity to gather together for the Final events of the project, which will take place on the 6th and 7th June in Brussels. 

On the 6th of June, there will be the International networking path, which wants to be an opportunity to bring together public and private representatives to exchange in an interactive way on migrants’ integration, starting by looking at the project’s results and through different thematics (education, employment, legal and administrative support, housing, health, narrative, civic engagement and policy making). Marketplace space e focus groups on the above mentioned topics will be organised, to build synergies with other participating organisations. In this context, we do believe that your contribution will bring interesting and fruitful insights to the knowledge and experience exchange and stimulate the networking, given your expertise on the topics.

The focus is to discuss and reflect on the challenges around the reception and integration of people with migration background

The following day, the final conference, named “Challenges of the integration of migrants: get inspired from the experiences of Cities and NGOs”, will take place from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. in Bruxelles, organised in the framework of the European project EPIC of which ALDA is coordinator, The event wants to be an opportunity to bring together public and private representatives to discuss and reflect on the challenges around the reception and integration of people with migration background, starting from the sharing of the project results.

The events are part of al Festival ALDA, named Local Democracy will Save Democracy! The festival will include participants from the EU countries and the neighbourhood, where colleagues, members and partners of ALDA will come together for fruitful exchanges on key EU priorities, sharing knowledge and best practices on themes such as migration, inclusion, gender equality, environmental protection, sustainable development and human rights

Here you can find the agenda of the events!

If you wish to attend, please register at the following link.

"Milan Sport United" Call for Participation in the "Sport for All" Event

Within the framework of the project “Milan Sport United", PlayMore! – leader of the initiative –  together with ALDA, are glad to announce the open call for participation in the “SPORT FOR ALL” event which will take place from 8 to 10 June 2023 in Milan, Italy.

The purpose of the project is to use sport as a medium to encourage integrazione e social inclusion.

⛹🏽The project consortium is looking for:

  • An NGO committed to issues of inclusion through sport, practising training and tournaments in a multicultural environment.
  • EU Member 

⛹🏽The project consortium is inviting:

 An amateur multi-sports team that can travel to Italy consisting of:

  • at least 50 % asylum seekers, refugees and holders of international protection;
  • volunteers e local athletes;
  • 1-2 instructors/educators  as accompanying persons.

(ideal composition: 1 instructor, 1 educator, 4 local athletes, 4 refugees; mixed genders)

Invited players can choose which sport activity to join among; running, futsal, soccer, basketball and beach volley. It is possible to choose multiple options.

The event “Sport for All” is thought for you!

Through different sport activities refugees, together with citizens and local stakeholders will set up more inclusive communities. 

⛹🏽Quando e dove?

L'evento si svolgerà dal Thursday 8 June until Saturday 10 June 2023 al centro sportivo PlayMore!, a Via della Moscova, 26 – Milan, Italy.  

⛹🏽Come partecipare:

If you are interested fill the form accessible qui entro 26 May 2023!

Partecipazione in the event is FREE.


Rafforzare le collaborazioni nei Balcani occidentali: prossimi passi e sfide

Il 15 maggio 2023, ALDA e l'Iniziativa Centro Europea (IEC) si sono incontrate a Trieste (🇮🇹) per individuare ulteriori possibilità di cooperazione sulla base del MoU - Memorandum of Understanding firmato nel 2022 al fine di formalizzare il quadro della partnership che unisce il lavoro nei Balcani occidentali. La firma del MoU ha rappresentato un momento ufficiale e cruciale di legame istituzionale tra ALDA e CEI in quanto è stato il risultato di un fil rouge di lunga data che unisce l'impegno costante delle due organizzazioni nell'area. 

ALDA Governing Board Member and Representative of the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Mr. Alessandro Perelli, ALDA Secretary General, Mrs. Antonella Valmorbida together with the Director of Programmes and Corporate Strategy, Mr. Marco Boaria, met with CEI Secretary General, Mr. Roberto Antonione, and CEI Senior Officer, Mr. Ugo Poli, to discuss the next steps to undertake and strengthen the cooperation. 

Increasing citizen participation and the democratic level in different local Western Balkans realities is the key point at the basis of the partnership between ALDA and CEI, that are currently cooperating and joining forces to give concrete support to the building of a strong local good governance expertise

Aumentare la partecipazione dei cittadini e il livello di democrazia nelle diverse realtà locali dei Balcani occidentali è il punto chiave alla base della partnership tra ALDA e CEI

The plan foresees a key event in Skopje (North Macedonia) together with ALDA Skopje in 2023 and the presentation of the flagship initiative in Ukraine: the aim is to continue to expand LDAs range of action and strengthen their work. ALDA represents CEI’s key partner for its work in the Western Balkans: CEI Moldova representatives will also take part in ALDA Festival and General Assembly 2023 as an opportunity to further enhance this collaboration. 

These events will be marked by a festive atmosphere as 2023 is the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of the first Local Democracy Agency Subotica in the Balkans: we look forward to celebrating the everyday activity of the LDAs and their delegates, the achievements of ALDA and the LDAs through the years, with the collaboration of our closest partners.

La scelta di Trieste, capoluogo della Regione Autonoma "Friuli Venezia Giulia" (🇮🇹) come sede dell'incontro è simbolica in quanto sottolinea la formalizzazione di questa collaborazione di lunga durata tra la Regione, ALDA e CEI.



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Bando Food Wave - Terza edizione

Siete un'autorità locale, un'organizzazione della società civile giovanile o un'associazione sensibile ai modelli di produzione e consumo alimentare sostenibile e desiderate lavorare con i giovani? Avete la possibilità di far finanziare la vostra attività dal progetto Food Wave!

Qual è l'obiettivo principale del bando?

I Progetto Food Wave - cofinanziato dall'UE nell'ambito delProgramma di educazione e sensibilizzazione allo sviluppo (DEAR) e promosso dal Comune di Milano insieme a ActionAid Italia, ACRA, Mani Tese Onlus e 25 partner di progetto in 16 paesi, tra cui ALDA - sosterrà le iniziative di base nel campo dei comportamenti di consumo alimentare rispettosi del clima e coinvolgerà le organizzazioni giovanili più piccole interessate a unirsi all'azione ma prive dei mezzi necessari per farlo.

Il primo bando del Progetto Food Wave è stato lanciato e rivolto a piccole organizzazioni della società civile guidate da giovani che promuovono modelli di produzione e consumo sostenibili per combattere il cambiamento climatico, mentre il secondo bando era rivolto a città e comuni. Ora è il momento del terzo bando rivolto a enti locali, organizzazioni giovanili della società civile o associazioni per sostenere iniziative di base nel campo dei comportamenti di consumo alimentare rispettosi del clima!

Non perdete l'occasione di partecipare, perché saranno finanziati almeno 5 progetti!

Qual è l'obiettivo principale dell'invito a presentare proposte?

Il progetto sosterrà azioni sviluppate da un partenariato di enti locali, organizzazioni giovanili della società civile o associazioni che si occupano del tema del consumo e della produzione alimentare sostenibile che si rivolgono ai giovani (15-35 anni).

Le proposte presentate devono avere un importo massimo di 15.000 euro. Ogni candidato beneficerà di un finanziamento pari al 75% del totale dell'azione fino a un massimo di 11.250,00 euro. Il budget presentato da ogni proposta deve essere di massimo 15.000 euro (finanziamento dell'azione fino a un massimo di 11.250,00 euro) e di minimo 9.600 euro (finanziamento fino a un massimo di 7.200,00 euro).

Il restante 25% dell'azione sarà fornito da ciascun candidato come cofinanziamento. La percentuale di finanziamento e cofinanziamento rimane sempre la stessa anche se il costo complessivo dell'azione proposta è inferiore a 15.000 euro. L'azione generale svolta dal candidato può essere superiore a 15.000 euro, ma in questo caso il budget rimanente dei costi complessivi della proposta sarà coperto dalle risorse finanziarie del candidato stesso.

Qual è l'obiettivo tematico del bando?

Ogni azione proposta deve affrontare il nesso tra cibo e cambiamenti climatici! Possono essere ammessi alla sovvenzione secondaria diversi tipi di attività: attività con le scuole, attività di comunicazione, attività di promozione e divulgazione, attività di sensibilizzazione, formazione, progetti e iniziative artistiche, iniziative contro lo spreco alimentare, ecc.

Il bando FOOD WAVE sarà aperto fino al 16 giugno 2023.

Quando e dove può essere attuato il progetto?

La fase di attuazione sarà compresa tra il 1° luglio 2023 e il 30 ottobre 2023. Le attività devono svolgersi in uno dei seguenti Stati membri dell'UE: Belgio, Bulgaria, Croazia, Francia, Grecia, Ungheria, Italia, Paesi Bassi, Polonia, Portogallo, Romania, Slovenia, Spagna, Svezia, Regno Unito.

Chi può candidarsi?

Le proposte di progetto possono essere presentate da un partenariato di almeno 2 enti locali, organizzazioni della società civile giovanile o associazioni che lavoreranno insieme per costruire una proposta comune. La piccola rete di organizzazioni sceglierà un "leader" del progetto che sarà colui che invierà la candidatura.

Come fare domanda?

Leggete il bando completo per avere tutte le informazioni sul bando e sulle modalità di candidatura!

Il bando sarà aperto dal 13 maggio al 16 giugno.

Le elezioni per il Comitato di valutazione internazionale si svolgeranno dal 16 giugno al 29 giugno.

Ecco il link per inviare la propria candidatura..

I candidati riceveranno il supporto del team di Food Wave durante il processo di scrittura della proposta. Tutte le domande relative al presente bando e alle modalità di partecipazione devono essere inviate al seguente indirizzo e-mail:

Any questions? Click qui to watch the info session on the Call for Proposals of the Food Wave project!

Seguite le pagine Facebook e Instagram per rimanere aggiornati!

#CatchTheWave e guida il cambiamento!


🇬🇧 Leggi l'invito a presentare proposte

🇬🇧 Annex I – Budget Template

🇬🇧 Allegato II - Dichiarazione d'onore

🇬🇧 Memorandum d'intesa

🇬🇧 Candidati usando questo Google Form accessibile qui

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