2nd calls for proposal to the Climate of Change subgrants. Focuses: France and Belgium


Are you a Belgian or a Franch youth association who is sensitive to raising awareness on the effects of climate change and understanding the links with migration? We are looking for you! Lead the change and participate in our calls for proposals (one for Belgium and one for France) with your project idea!

What is the main objective of the call of proposal?

The project will support actions developed by youth organisations in Belgium or in France committed in the field of environmental awareness raising, especially climate change induced migration, and targeting young people (16-35 years old).

What is the main objective of each call of proposal?

Any submitted proposal must be of max 5.000 EUR. Each applicant will benefit from a financing of 70% of the total of the action up to a maximum of 3.500 Eur. The remaining 30% of the action (a minimum of 1.500 Eur) will be provided by each applicant as co-funding. The financing and co-financing % always remain the same even if the overall cost of the proposed action is lower than 5.000 EUR. The general action carried out by the Applicant can be higher than 5.000 EUR, but in this case the remaining budget of the overall costs of the proposal will be covered with the Applicant’s own financial resources.

Climate of Change: sub-granting calls (one for Belgium and one for France) will be open until 14 October 2022

Qual è il focus tematico?

Each proposed action needs to address the nexus between climate change and induced migration! Different types of activities can be eligible for the sub grant: communication activities, promotion and dissemination activities, awareness raising activities, training and learning-by-doing activities, art projects and initiatives, etc.

One activity will be compulsory  which is the promotion of the Climate of Change petition in all organised activities by the applicant until the end of October 2022 (the end of the petition period).

Dove può essere realizzato il progetto?

Activities must take place in Belgium (for the Belgian call) or in France (for the French call)

Come fare domanda?

Read the full call for proposals (one for Belgium and one for France) to have more information about the call and how to apply! The call will be open until 14 October 2022.

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🇧🇪 Annex A – Formulaire for Belgium

🇧🇪 Annex B – Budget Template for Belgium


Infos: All the questions related to the present call for proposals and the participation modalities must be addressed to the project manager Carine A.



In Amadora to develop a structural approach of reception and integration


Ideas, next steps, and the upcoming duties at the core of the EPIC project steering committee in Amadora (Portugal).

On Tuesday 27 September 2022, the Portuguese Municipality warmly welcomed the EPIC project partners, not only for the above-mentioned meeting, but also for field visits. The latter took place during the afternoon, and were targeted to illustrate two specific initiatives. Starting from “Project 12-15” which is addressing early school leaving. Specifically, this initiative is willing to decrease absenteeism among students aged between 11 and 16, thus fighting school dropout.

Similarly, partners had the opportunity to visit Pedro Arrupe Centre, directed by the Jesuits Refugee Service in Portugal, and aimed at easing migrants and homeless’ entrance into professional life. Partners were lucky enough to be able to dialogue and exchange impressions and ideas with those involved at the centre.

On the next day, Wednesday 28 September, the meeting evolved into the open event aimed at scrutinising how to develop a structural approach of reception and integration. Convicted as an international networking path (INP), it marked the occasion for partners and external stakeholders to discuss policy harmonisation, project integration and local-to-local cooperation. 

Amadora hosted the international networking path to investigate how to develop a structural approach of reception and integration

Hence, the idea behind this INP was to contribute to provide a fruitful environment, allowing different stakeholders to reflect on European migrant issues and challenges with the possibility to take common positions and political statements addressed to the European Institutions. 

Ms. Carla Tavares, Mayor of Amadora gave her opening speech, welcoming both guests and speakers while emphasising the municipality’s efforts and adopting mechanisms in terms of migrants’ structured integration.

Allo stesso modo, il Antonella Valmorbida ha, ALDA Secretary General, provided an overview of the commitment of the Association within the field, after having summarised the initiatives undertaken within the project. 

The meeting saw also the presence of Ms. Birgit Luus, Policy Officer DG HOME, European Commission and Ms. Jasmijn Slootjes, Migration Policy Institute Europe, who provided an overview on the legal aspects and the increasing role and recognition of cities as essential in creating resilient and ‘emergency-proof’ migrant integration systems; respectively.

As also expressed by many participants, listening to the testimonies of three people from Syria, Ukraine and Afghanistan symbolised one of the most intense moments of the international meeting.

In the afternoon, a roundtable discussion with several stakeholders took place. The aim was to exchange on how to improve the reception system and how to strengthen the social cohesion of the migrant’s community through action both at national and local levels.

Overall, the international networking path in Amadora  was an opportunity to also further discuss and analyse the objective of the meeting, starting by the different experiences  participants had on inclusion/integration policies and practices; or by discussing the different faces of  a multicultural society.


Zero Hunger: Register to the IV Oru Fugar World Summit


Together to implement Sustainable Development Goal number two: zero hunger!

This is the aim of the IV World Summit of Regions on Food Security and Sovereignty, organised by Oru Fogar on 27 and 28 October 2022 in Chile.

With the idea of facilitating the representation of the regions in global forums, while working to create a network among them, Oru Fogar is committed to empower regions and enable them to become an active part in the decision making process on education, education, health and the construction of social infrastructures.

The centrality of regions is also crucial for this IV World Summit. Yet, before going into depth let’s take a step back to the previous editions. 2010 marked the beginning: Dakar (Senegal) hosted the Summit, during which an action programme for food and nutrition was launched. The Region of Lower Normandy was elected chair, while the Centre Region of Burkina Faso got the role of vice presidency.

Furthermore, more than 1400 participants, representing nearly 30 countries, gathered in Colombia, in 2012 for the II Summit; while Ecuador hosted the III one in 2018, thus stressing the great interest around the topic of food safety practices.

Specifically, the Côre Group of Food Sovereignty, born from an agreement between Oru Fogar and FAO back in 2008, is directed to  promote regions’ capacity in terms of  food security policy in its own territory; while increasing cooperation among regions.

In light of this, the IV Summit has to be understood as a further occasion to underline the necessity to concretely implement the SDG number two, and to work together to fight hunger.


Registrati qui

[Pictures from Oru Fogar website]


ALDA signed the Magna Charta of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

Signing ceremony of the Magna Charta for an International League of Democracy Cities

On September the 24' 2022, ALDA Secretary General, Antonella Valmorbida, took part in the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland. Being the largest gathering devoted to direct democracy worldwide, the forum welcomed  participants from academic, political and civil society perspectives. 

From a general standpoint, the goal of the initiative is to bring together people with different experiences and backgrounds, so as to give activists and organisations the opportunity to share their insights and connect with others working on the same issues. Thus, this forum stems from the fact that democracy is challenged on all political levels today, in the world as much as in the host country of this year’s Global Forum, Switzerland.

The Forum was  coordinated by an international consortium under the leadership of the Swiss Democracy Foundation, chaired by Adrian Schmid, and Democracy International, where Global Manager for PR & Community Building Caroline Vernaillen brings together the threads from all over the world.

Within this context, ALDA Secretary General took the floor during the Concluding Plenary Panel on how to save Democracy, presented by SwissInfo ChannelThe focus of this panel was on the big challenges and crises that democracy is facing in this era, such as authoritarianism, fake news, pandemics and war; particular relevance has been put on the need for deep inclusion, resilience and a just democracy.

As each year’s forum, also the GFMDD 22 ended with a final declaration drawn up and adopted by the participants, summarising the content of the conference and defining proposals for further cooperation.

Ms. Valmorbida signed the Magna Charta of the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy on behalf of ALDA, with the mandate from the Governing Board

The first draft of the document was developed and agreed upon at the 2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in Rome, with the strong support of that city’s parliament and of representatives of cities across the globe. Since then, it has been the subject of extensive global discussion. In its current version, the Magna Charta identifies 20 different democracy dimensions at the local level — so that citizens and urban institutions can formulate an idea of where their own cities rank in terms of democracy development.

During the last day of the Forum, the signing ceremony of the Magna Charta for an International League of Democracy Cities took place. The Charter commits the signatories to implement policies on citizens engagement at the local level.


Apart from ALDA signing the Magna Charta, also representatives from 6 cities joined, namely Valongo (PT), Nancy (F), Lausanne (CH), León (ES), Amsterdam (NL), Bucharest (RO) and as well as from network organisations and projects like the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), and the European Capital of Democracy (ECoD), where
Ms. Valmorbida is Chairwoman of the Experts’ Jury


Posizione sulla presidenza della Repubblica Ceca al Consiglio europeo

La presidenza ceca, come già fatto in precedenza dagli altri Paesi, ha fissato le linee guida da portare avanti durante il suo mandato, per il secondo semestre del 2022.

Seguendo le "tre R" del suo motto: "L'Europa come compito: Ripensare, Ricostruire, Ripotenziare", le priorità possono essere così declinate:

  1. Gestire la crisi dei rifugiati e la ripresa dell'Ucraina dopo la guerra
  2. Sicurezza energetica
  3. Rafforzare le capacità di difesa dell'Europa e la sicurezza del cyberspazio
  4. Resilienza strategica dell'economia europea
  5. Resilienza delle istituzioni democratiche 
Questi cinque pilastri sono rispettati e perseguiti anche da ALDA nel suo impegno a responsabilizzare i cittadini europei e a promuovere il ruolo dell'Europa come attore strategico regionale e internazionale.

Le strategie di ALDA rispondono alle priorità della presidenza della Repubblica Ceca 

Partendo dalla prima priorità, la ripresa postbellica dell'Ucraina, fin dall'inizio, nel febbraio 2022, ALDA ha lanciato non solo una serie di iniziative, ma ha anche contribuito concretamente a fornire un sostegno tangibile alle comunità locali. Il “Bando per l'apertura di nuove ADL” è uno dei più recenti.

Allo stesso tempo, l'Associazione è in linea con la priorità della Presidenza Ceca in termini di sicurezza energetica. Così, beneficiando dello sviluppo e dell'implementazione di diversi progetti, ALDA è stata in grado di promuovere la sicurezza energetica coinvolgendo le persone. In particolare, sostenendo le attività di azione locale per combattere il cambiamento climatico, concentrandosi sull'energia pulita e rinnovabile; grande impegno è stato dedicato alla sensibilizzazione dei cittadini su questo tema.

Questi sono solo alcuni esempi del lavoro svolto da ALDA. Per ulteriori informazioni si prega di leggere il "Documento sul programma ceco per la presidenza dell'Unione Europea".


Sostenere le Agenzie per la democrazia locale in Ucraina

Unitevi all'appello: diventate partner delle Agenzie della Democrazia Locale in Ucraina, sostenete la democrazia e l'impegno delle comunità ora e nei mesi e anni a venire!

L'Ucraina sta subendo un'ingiusta e disumana invasione da parte delle truppe russe dal febbraio 2022. Eppure, la resistenza e la resilienza del popolo ucraino sono eroiche e senza precedenti. È per quelle persone che oggi vivono sotto la guerra che l'Associazione si è fortemente impegnata, come dimostrato anche dalla campagna #ALDAforUkraine.

Since the very beginning, ALDA has been active in Ukraine, with members and partners developing a series of initiatives aimed to improve people’s lives. Thus, thanks to the Local Democracy Agency Dnipro, established in 2014 with the support of Lower Silesia – Poland; and Democracy Agency Mariupol (funded in 2017 with the support of Gdansk – Poland), the Association is a strategic player in the Country. Specifically, the  two above-mentioned LDAs, based on the decentalised cooperation mechanism, work together with civil society to support peace, and community development.

Per quasi 10 anni, ALDA ha lavorato e costruito relazioni forti con gli attori e le comunità locali. È per questo che ora è in prima linea per fornire aiuto ai cittadini ucraini, come dimostra anche la "Conferenza dei donatori", uno degli eventi più recenti, organizzati in questo contesto.

Alla luce di ciò, l'Associazione intende incoraggiare ulteriormente la sua rete, i suoi partner e i suoi amici a partecipare a questo impegno a sostegno delle persone in Ucraina. Come?

  1. Chiedendo maggiori informazioni sul lavoro complessivo di ALDA e delle ADL in Ucraina.
  2. Aderendo al bando e diventando partner dell' ADL Odessa e dell' ADL Vinnytsia, , che saranno presto aperte ( candidarsi entro il 30 ottobre 2022).

Lavoriamo insieme per l'Ucraina e il suo popolo!

For more information you can email the ALDA4Ukraine unit

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Press Release: In Italy, people with a migratory background are excluded from the public discussion

Milan, 1 August 2022 – People and communities with migratory backgrounds are not involved in the public discussion and strongly distrust the Italian institutions. That was highlighted by the research conducted by WeWorld – an organisation committed for 50 years to guaranteeing the rights of women, girls and children in 27 countries around the world, including Italy – as part of the new project SHAPE (SHaring Actions for the Participation and Empowerment of migrant communities and Local Authorities) co- funded by the European Fund AMIF (Transnational Actions on Asylum, Migration and Integration). 

Leggi il comunicato stampa

Milan, 1 August 2022 – People and communities with migratory backgrounds are not involved in the public discussion and strongly distrust the Italian institutions. That was highlighted by the research conducted by WeWorld – an organisation committed for 50 years to guaranteeing the rights of women, girls and children in 27 countries around the world, including Italy – as part of the new project SHAPE (SHaring Actions for the Participation and Empowerment of migrant communities and Local Authorities) co- funded by the European Fund AMIF (Transnational Actions on Asylum, Migration and Integration). 

Leggi il comunicato stampa


Membership Days: from the ALDATalk to trainings and funding possibilities

Membership Days: 26 September; 3-6 October 2022

Members are a vital part of the Association. That is why ALDA is now presenting a five-day event specifically dedicated to its network!

From a general perspective, through this tailor-made meeting, ALDA is willing  to provide participants with the latest news and updates not only on the activities of ALDA, but also to further illustrate the possibilities and benefits of joining the network. Furthermore, the event will be the perfect occasion to gain necessary knowledge and learn new tools necessary when operating within the field of citizens’ participation and EU Project Development. 

Membership Days: to further engage the network, and to build stronger relations

Therefore, the agenda has been structured as follows:

  • 26th September: ALDATalk on the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina with ALDA Governing Board Member and Secretary General of the "Fondazione Center for Democracy" Nataša Vučković
  • 3rd October: Meeting the new Members
  • 4th October: Working Groups meeting – plan and debate about the topics and proposals that the WGs could work on
  • 5th October: From European to local level – Training on local events and citizens’ engagement, with European Programme Manager of “Democracy International” Daniela Vancic 
  • 6th October: Training on EU funding and Project Cycle Management

Those attending will receive a certificate awarded by ALDA, strategic partner of the European Commission and of the Council of Europe!

Overall, since its first day, ALDA is stimulating and fostering exchange with its network, willing to promote and improve the exchange of best practices in the field of local governance and citizens’ active participation. Thanks to the variety of origins and the different field of actions of each member, the network is a multicultural professional group that enriches not only the Association, but the participants themselves.

For further information please email the Membership Officer through this link

Antonella Valmorbida si candida alla carica di Segretario Generale del Congresso del Consiglio d'Europa

September brings great news and opens up to new paths, not only at ALDA’s but internationally! With great enthusiasm, colleagues from Strasbourg, Vicenza, Skopje, Moldova and Tunis offices are happy to support the candidacy of Antonella Valmorbida for the position of Secretary General of the Congress.

Sulla base della sua precedente esperienza non solo come Segretario generale di ALDA e Presidente di EPD - Partenariato Europeo per la Democrazia; ma anche come membro del Comitato direttivo della Convenzione della società civile per la Conferenza sul Futuro dell'Europa e, più recentemente, come Presidente della Giuria della Capitale Europea della Democrazia, la signora Valmorbida pone il valore della democrazia come luce guida nel suo lavoro e impegno quotidiano.

La candidatura di Antonella Valmorbida: "per un Congresso più forte, rilevante e strategico".

Come sottolineato nel suo manifesto, "sarà necessario identificare e valorizzare il forte valore aggiunto di un'assemblea di democrazia locale unica nel suo genere, che rappresenta una grande Europa". Per questo, l'attuale SG di ALDA ha lavorato fin dall'inizio con le comunità locali, partendo dai bisogni delle persone e lottando per i loro diritti.

The latter are also at the core of many trainings delivered by Ms.Valmorbida in different areas, from North Africa to Western Balkans and Caucasus, together with professionals and stakeholders such as UN Habitat and UNDP. Furthermore, with experts from the United Nations, Ms. Valmorbida has been fully involved in “participatory democracy” courses in Ukraine, thus having a deep and profound understanding of the local context.

Ora, in ALDA siamo tutti entusiasti di questa nuova avventura che il nostro Segretario Generale sta intraprendendo. Ognuno di noi la sostiene, sicuro che la sua passione e la sua competenza saranno fondamentali per il prossimo anno e per il futuro del Congresso del Consiglio d'Europa.

Visita il sito web di Antonella Valmorbida e leggi il suo manifesto



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"Promuovere la democrazia attraverso le autorità locali": favorire l'impegno delle comunità in Libia

Dal 5 all'11 settembre 2022, il Segretario Generale di ALDA Antonella Valmorbida insieme alla formatrice di ALDA Anna Ditta, ha tenuto un corso su "Promuovere la democrazia attraverso le autorità locali" con particolare attenzione alla realtà libica.

Realizzato nell'ambito del progetto REBUILD ,, finanziato dalla Commissione Europea e guidato dalla Provincia Autonoma di Trento, questo corso, chiamato specificamente this course, specifically called “ "formazione dei formatori (ToT)" (ToT), è stato rivolto a 20 professori di 10 Università dislocate in 10 diverse municipalità libiche.

Più in dettaglio, il ToT ha affrontato 3 diversi moduli: 

  1. Trasparenza, responsabilità, etica e buon governo; 
  2. Gestione delle crisi;
  3. Strategie e strumenti per una partecipazione civile inclusiva al processo decisionale. 

Hence, participants have been guided in learning and debating about the features and principles of good local governance, according to the “European Charter for Local Self-government”; while working on crisis management and assessment of the risks.

La "Formazione dei formatori" è stata rivolta a 20 professori di 10 università dislocate in 10 diverse municipalità libiche.

Inoltre, la formazione è stata anche l'occasione per ripercorrere le diverse fasi della partecipazione civile e conoscere i principi e gli strumenti utili per renderla efficace.

In generale, la teoria è stata combinata con gruppi individuali e di lavoro, giochi di ruolo, presentazione di casi studio e visite sul campo. I 20 professori che hanno partecipato al corso di formazione sono ora chiamati a tenere la formazione nei loro comuni. 

La formazione è stata erogata da ALDA, in collaborazione con il Centro di Cooperazione Internazionale (Trento - Italia), e si è svolta a Kairouan (Tunisia).



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