Democrazia, Buon governo, Sviluppo locale

The core of ALDA's mission, with a touch of participation and a multistakeholder approach

Supporting Democracy, Citizens’ Participation, Sustainable Local Development and Good Governance has been at the core of ALDA’s mission since the very beginning, always based on a participatory approach and throughout a partnership building-inclusive approach laying on a multi-stakeholders scheme of cooperation that involves: Autorità locali, Institutions e dell' Organised Civil Society.

The same values and methods are the ones ALDA uses when it comes to advocacy processes, where we actively engage with our members, partners, networks and stakeholders in pushing forward for policies and actions that would lay on a bottom-up approach, making the voices of European Citizens heard!

Cooperating partners

Partenariato europeo per la democrazia

Civil Society Europe

Movimento europeo internazionale

Liaison Group

Projects in action


Mind Inclusion 2.0

Media Dialogue


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