The project

CAP-PERI Common Agricultural Policy, Peer Educational Resources in Italy is expecting to improve citizens and especially youths’ information and enhance their awareness on what is the CAP and the social, economic and environmental implications of the policy both at National and European level.

Here you can find a CAP-PERI project overview 

Purpose of the evaluation & monitoring

The evaluation & monitoring expert/team of experts will be involved in the project CAPPERI, to support the co-applicants to understand, ensure, monitor and evaluate the overall impact of the project.

The evaluation and monitoring team will support the CAPPERI’s consortium to reach the objectives of the project by providing professional and expert advice for the timely and efficient implementation of its activities.

In particular, the external evaluator(s) has been foreseen for the following tasks:


  • A common detailed methodology including quantitative and qualitative indicators for monitoring the implementation process
  • Tools to measure the level of satisfaction of target populations, citizens, LAs and implementing entities
  • Internal evaluation to ensure the reaching of targets established and allowing to adjust better for future activities.


  • Concrete results in relation to the aims of the project
  • Local impact of practices experimented
  • Real commitment of the beneficiaries towards the project phases

ELABORATION OF A SUSTAINTABILITY PLAN that will include guidelines to promote the methodology of the project and the Tools created (creative outputs, Webinars, …) after the project completion


Obligations of the Expert(s)

In order to accomplish the mission, the external evaluator(s) is requested to participate for all the duration at the most important meetings of the project and of the final evaluation meeting.

Reactions by e-mail or Skype within the 72 hours after a direct request of advice from the members of the consortium are requested to the external evaluator(s).

The external evaluator will:

  • Take all the measures to prepare, implement and manage correctly the tasks and the missions assigned
  • Communicate to ALDA all the information, documents and suggestions essential or necessary for the execution of the activities
  • Fullfil the timesheet and report requested by ALDA necessary for the reporting activities


 Proposals including a concept note (max 7 pages) and budget proposal in English or Italian should be sent by email to as soon as possible and before the 9th February 2022 at the latest.

ALDA will have the final decision on the choice of the external evaluation and its verdict will be unappealable.

For further information, please contact Alessandra Brigo (


Here you can find the detailed vacancy
Here you can find the CAP-PERI project overview