From March 1 to 3, ALDA will organise two workshop in the Civil Society Days 2023 (#CivSocDays) in Brussels! 

From a general perspective, this yearly event, organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) since 2016, symbolises the cooperation between the EESC and the Liaison Group, having the latter as representative of  European CSOs and networks. 

Hence, the EESC uses this opportunity to highlight the work the civil society organisations have accomplished so far; while seeing what trail they are blazing and opening the door for dialogue and participation.

The event brings together citizens, civil society organisations and European institutions and is thus a prime example of the EESC putting deeds to the words of Article 11 of the Treaty on the European Union. Entitled: ‘Civil society organisations: a pillar of democracy and a key player to overcome current challenges’, #CivSocDays tackle an intriguing and present topic without a doubt.

CivSocDays 2023 - ‘Civil society organisations: a pillar of democracy and a key player to overcome current challenges’

Two compelling workshops will be presented by ALDA, whereof one together with the European Digital Rights initiative (EDRi), on civic engagement, youth participation and digitalisation: persistently relevant subjects in our ever changing society!

Registrations for the event will open in February.  Are you unable to attend in person? No problem! The Civil Society Days offer the possibility to join via web-streams. However, registration will still be necessary. 

Overall, this three-day event will take place in the EESC headquarters in Brussels (Belgium) and will be brimming with interesting talks and workshops by experts from the field. It is a great opportunity to meet similar organisations, boost the networking and engage in dialogues and ideas exchange. ALDA would love to see some familiar faces at this flagship civil society conference, and meeting new ones. See you at the #CivSocDays!


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