ALDA’s  commitment towards the development of local democracy and promotion of good local governance has been at the heart of its mission since the very beginning. At the same time, the association is constantly growing, boosting for the creation of Local Democracy Agencies (LDAs), whose role is to involve citizens’ participation, encouraging the creation of local networks, and serving as a link between people and administration. Thus, up until now, ALDA is glad to have been actively involved in the creation of 15 LDAs in several countries.

Yet, ALDA is now working for the opening of a new Local Democracy Agency in Turkey, in the municipality of Edremit. Hence, considering the cultural richness and diversity of this Mediterranean country, and its role as “crossroads of the two worlds” – Europe on one side, Asia on the other; ALDA is now looking for interested partners (local/regional authorities and associations). The latter will be involved in the launch of the LDA, having the possibility to share their experience and join the group of the international stakeholders.

More in depth, this LDA will have the mission to promote good local governance, citizens’ participation and sustainable development; while ensuring mediation between the civil society and the local authorities. In addition, the Agency will be in charge of:

  • Supporting the participative approach in the decision-making process at the local level, 
  • Helping the local authorities to work in an open way. 

Similarly, it will take care of strengthening the information exchange and the development of the network among actors in Turkey, as well as other LDAs, Countries and European actors. Few events and meeting are already planned, such as future partners’ meeting is scheduled for September; and the opening of the LDA in October.

ALDA looks for this great moment of growth, not only for the association itself, but also for the overall improvement and development of democracy in Europe and beyond.

If you are interested in this call, please contact

Ms Giulia Sostero at
Mr Francesco Pala at