“The unhuman and unjust war that the Ukrainian people are now fighting, urges me to further reiterate the endless commitment of ALDA for peace and reconstruction”, with these words Oriano Otočan, ALDA’s President, addressed members, partners and friends in his letter.

As usual, every December Mr. Otočan dedicates his time to recall the achievements of the Association, the challenges posed on a global scale and the commitment of ALDA to overcome those difficulties, next to people, local communities and institutions.

2022 marked a year of sorrow and pain. Yet it was a year of courage and unity: Ukrainian people showed to the world how powerful values can be: their cause in safeguarding freedoms and democracy is also a European cause. “Ukraine needs us” has been the campaign that united all ALDA’s initiatives in collaboration with, and for, Ukrainian people. By constantly being in touch with delegates from the Local Democracy Agencies, the Association proved its role as peace-builder, with other stakeholders and institutions.

Hence, the necessity of implementing local actions, with local communities proved to be, once again, the keystone in spreading good governance: “ALDA has consolidated its role, it has demonstrated its service to democracy, peace and humanity. Moreover, 2023 will mark the 30th anniversary from the establishment of the first Local Democracy Agency in the Balkans: a milestone that will invite us to reflect on three decades of work in the Balkan region, in which we have acted tirelessly in support of civil society and towards European enlargement. But above all, it will motivate us to continue with renewed energy and new strategies our work “with” and “for” the ever-widening network of LDAs present today throughout the European neighbourhood. On this solid milestone we will enter the 2023, with a spirit of collaboration and mutual growth” – stressed Mr. Otočan.

ALDA President and Secretary General’s wishes to members and partners

Similarly, Antonella Valmorbida, ALDA Secretary Generalwishes the upcoming year to be a year of peace, rebirth and renovated energy […] working together with members, partners and each of you in Europe and beyond”.

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