The final and 5th webinar of the BRIGHT project was held on the 15th of April 2021, from 15:00 to 17;00 CEST. It was the opportunity to exchange information and opinion about the previous webinars and what the participants have learned. ActionAid Italia also presented their “Reflection Action Circles”, while LABSUS shared with us the results of the Comparative Analysis of the BRIGHT project. We also welcomed Valentina Vasilionova from the Trade Union of the Agricultural Workers presented practical advices to reach women in Bulgaria. Afterwards, Pietro Elisei, Director of Urbasofia and President of Isocarp, discussed how community led urban transformations and how local rooted projects can be drivers for sustainable planning choices. In the end, we collected feedback on how to organise the next activities and workshops of the BRIGHT project.

The fifth webinar is also available in Romanian. Just click the link below!

Fifth webinar in Romanian