How far has the COVID-19 crisis affected the democratic debate, the enjoyment of fundamental rights and work and life of women through gender perspective? It has influenced people’s lives in many ways and manifested itself in many undesirable forms, it has caused many deaths, impacting the global economy and employment, without mentioning the quality of life in society.

Therefore, on 16th November 2022, ALDA and the Municipality of Vimercate (IT) participated at the kick-off meeting of a new CERV project called HEARD, which exactly addresses the above-mentioned topics.

Citizens opinion on the effect of COVID-19 on democracy: join the "HEARD" surveys

Having that in mind, it is necessary to engage with citizens, allowing them to have their say on these matters, fostering a bottom-up approach. Therefore, ALDA and Vimercate have created 3 surveys to find out how the COVID-19 crisis has affected:

  • The democratic debate,
  • The enjoyment of fundamental rights,
  • The work and life balance of women

Would you like to express your opinions, and be directly involved in a CERV project? This is the perfect occasion! The surveys will only take a couple minutes to be completed but they would be fundamental for the analysis of the phenomenon and the continuation of project activities. [Please note: since each partners is taking care of specific geographical areas, the following ones are focusing only on people living in Northern area of Italy]

Here the links to complete the surveys (in Italian):
– Survey 1: https://forms.office.com/e/aeDzWP5EwS
– Survey 2: https://forms.office.com/e/Ecm4NPuQgS
– Survey 3: https://forms.office.com/e/Z18KUnmAwP


If you are not Italian but still interested in knowing more about the project, its activities and results follow us on:
🌐 https://heard-project.eu/

📷 heard_euproject

ⓕ HEARDeuproject


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