Let’s enter the universe of The Rude Awakening project and put our feet in the shoes of the First World War soldiers!

The European project, The Rude Awakening, is presenting the video trailer of the main output of the project: a video game about life during the First World War. Indeed the project was created with the purpose of narrating a serious theme such as the First World War from a different perspective, merging a unique and light drawing style inspired by Valiant Heart with real-life stories, in a single player experience of 4-5 hours of gameplay.

Discover the video trailer in English HERE

→ The first World War from a new perspective

Differently from other wargames, The Rudes Awakening retraces the historical events from a completely new perspective: from the claustrophobic situation inside the forts, to the devastated everyday life of small towns near the front, to the collapse of the hospitals caused by the Spanish flu pandemic. 

→ Unique historical material

The collaboration with 9 European partners gave the creative team the opportunity to draw on historic materials belonging to different museums in 4 different countries, inaccessible elsewhere.

→ Learning at the core of the project

The video game is composed of 4 episodes in 4 different places and explores the various aspects of the war, not only the war taking place in the front line but also the people working behind the lines. 

Check the Press Kit and the Explanatory Kit

About “The Rude Awakening” project

“The Rude Awakening – a multimedia journey in the footsteps of frontline soldiers’ everyday life”, is a European project that aims to raise the awareness and interest of younger generations (between 13 to 20 years old) on the topic of war and peace. With the support of digital and audiovisual contents based on the stories of WWI soldiers, “The Rude Awakening” wants to lead a new educational and emotional perspective on war and peace, whereby visitors will learn by doing as they fill the shoes of a soldier all along the museum visit, thus better understanding war memories and soldier life thanks to technology. It’s a co-funded project by the European Union MEDIA programme, a sub-programme of Creative Europe, which gathered Fondazione Belvedere-Gschwent as the lead partner, and as project partners: Comune di Lavarone, ALDA, 101 Percento, Mémoire pour la vie, Gornjesavski Muzej Jesenice, Danube Connect, World of NGOs and the Macedonian Center of Photography. 


For more information on the project and how to join it, please contact the artistic Director, Mr Renzo Carbonera: progetti@fortebelvedere.org