The  SHARED GREEN DEAL (SGD) kick off consortium meeting took place online from the 1st to the 3rd of February.

Before going into depth of the kick-off meeting, few words on the project itself. From a general perspective, SHARED GREEN DEAL directly addresses European challenges with an aim to share actions, understandings, evidence, insights, responsibilities and benefits across stakeholders including policymakers and civil society. Issues of inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of the project to particularly account for disadvantaged and vulnerable social groups.

Moreover, SHARED GREEN DEAL is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme and is structured around lessons from a set of 24 social experiments around six priority Green Deal topics. The social experiments will be delivered across different member states, covering different social science and humanities disciplines, with multi-stakeholder, practice-based and policy-science expertise, including gender studies as a key component throughout.

Issues of inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of the SHARED GREEN DEAL project to particularly account for disadvantaged and vulnerable social groups

Within this framework, ALDA is in charge of creating and launching a multi-stakeholder, transdisciplinary and transnational “SHARED GREEN DEAL Network” of individuals and organizations, that will assist the European Commission with its Green Deal ambitions and disseminate the Project’s resources and findings, thus maximizing its impacts and enabling longer-term system change throughout the 2020s and beyond.

Going back to the kick-off event; February 1st was firstly dedicated to assessment and project’s plan, then it focused on the three sister Horizon projects. In this context, ALDA’s Project Manager Nadia di Iulio illustrated the REAL DEAL project, another Horizon project that will be implemented by ALDA in the following years.

The second day was meant to understand the social experiments that will be implemented throughout the project by six partners. Moreover, the Consortium had an overview of the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Method, its role within the project, as well as the implementation of the gender dimension throughout all SGDs activities, through a Gender Action Plan.

On February 3rd, Valeria Fantini, ALDA responsible PM of the project, presented the key roles of the Assocaition in the implementation of SGD, by highlighting the timeline and the main tasks. At the end of the session Valeria set up an “online mural” in order to gain the Consortium’s inputs on their long-term shared visions for the future of “SHARED GREEN DEAL Network”.

Finally, the project is expected to deliver changes in societal practices and in the behavior of individuals, communities, public and private organizations, through the development of effective new strategies in support of a responsible, equitable and desirable Green Deal.

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SHARED GREEN DEAL is a project bringing together 22 leading organisations from across Europe including eight universities, three research institutions, eight network organisations and three SMEs. The partners cover core elements of the European Green Deal cross-cutting priorities such as civil society, democracy, gender, energy, environment, circular economy and innovation.