Strasbourg, 15th September 2023


Statement by the Secretary General of ALDA Antonella Valmorbida, on the Russian Federation’s Local Elections in Annexed Ukrainian Territories


As the Secretary General of ALDA, I would like to address a matter of great concern that has recently come to our attention: the decision by the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation to organise local elections in certain Ukrainian territories, specifically parts of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia regions. This decision has raised significant questions about its conformity with international law, as well as the broader implications for regional stability and the well-being of the affected communities.

Antonella Valmorbida – ALDA Secretary General

at the ELoGE award ceremony 


Dear Ministers, dear Mayors, dear participants

I am pleased to be here today with all of you, as Secretary General of ALDA, the European Association for Local Democracy, but also having a significant experience working with local authorities in Croatia, North Macedonia, and Kosovo.

ALDA, the European Association for Local Democracy, in its over 20 years of existence, has the mission of promoting local democracy, citizen participation, and cooperation through work with local and regional authorities alongside civil society actors. It was created in 1998 by the Council of Europe. It is a global alliance that has undertaken many projects and initiatives, primarily on the local level, and is a key European player, particularly in the Balkans. It has developed a network of local institutions and civil society organizations that includes over 350 members from over 42 European and neighboring countries. ALDA cooperates with authorities on the European and local levels and provides support for them with these projects. We represent a unique organization in the working for and governed by local and regional authorities and civil society groups.

ALDA acts as a coordinator and supporter for a network of 15 Local Democracy Agencies. The coordination of this network of LDAs was the original purpose for its creation in 1998. We celebrate 30 years of activities in the region.