The new year started with the Swedish Presidency of the European Council: the third and last of the “Trio”. After France and Czech Republic, Sweden is now in charge of guiding the Council until June this year, thus implementing the already agreed “Trio programme”, and focusing on four main priorities.

Considering the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the consequences in terms of people’s safety, migration, and energy supplies, “Security – Unity” represents the first pillar on which the overall Presidency’s commitment is based. Hence, while stressing the impact of the united response to the invasion of Ukraine, still “we must build consensus towards a robust European security and defence policy, in close cooperation with partners

Swedish Presidency of the European Council: focus on security, competitiveness, energy and democracy

Similarly, “Competitiveness” in the single market and on a global scale constitutes the second focus of the Presidency. As also announced by the Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson: “the EU’s internal market is the foundation of our prosperity and our welfare. But this is dependent on the EU’s four freedoms – the free movement of goods, capital, services and people. And also on a fair and level playing field for European companies.”

From a broader perspective, competitiveness may lead to the necessity of diversifying the market, thus reducing the dependence on certain suppliers, such as those within the energy sectors. Related to that, the Swedish Presidency reiterates the efforts for the “Green transition and energy transition” aiming to a fossil-free future, innovative industries, and right regulatory framework.

Finally, as the case of the two previous Presidencies, great attention will be given to the safeguard of the “Democratic values and the rule of law – our foundation” so that to further ensure individual freedoms and non-discrimination.

With much enthusiasm, ALDA welcomes this new Presidency, reaffirming its willingness to collaborate with citizens and institutions, to strengthen the European values and the role of the Union as a global player, and implementing the Swedish Presidency programme.


ALDA welcomes the French EU Council Presidency

Czech Presidency of the European Council: Welcome!


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