ALDA proposals and initiatives to join forces and #StandWithUkraine

A week has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, starting a conflict in the middle of the European continent. Under the unbelieving gaze of the whole World, what we have been given for granted for decades – peace – has been broken with a full-scale war which concerns all of us, every single citizen from the 5 continents.

In the same way, ALDA – the European Association for Local Democracy has been deepen shaken from the conflict and is currently mobilising all its resources in order to provide help and support to Ukrainian people.

Indeed, the links uniting ALDA and Ukraine are many and extremely strong: several ALDA members and partners are Ukrainians, along with a part of our staff working in the Local Democracy Agencies in Mariupol and Dnipro. Our office in Chisinau (Moldova) is also entirely impacted by the situation.

In this framework, ALDA Secretary General Antonella Valmorbida and the whole Association’s staff is in constant contact with our Ukrainian network – through a dedicated unit created to manage the emergency.

ALDA is also answering to the growing number of requests of members and citizens willing to contribute to the cause and support the victims of the conflicts.

So, what can we do to help and support Ukraine?


Let’s not give support for granted. In the present situation, sustain Ukraine by displaying flags and banners, for instance, is a strong message, spreading out from local community to the whole world, asking for ceasefire and peace. Also, through dedicated images and messages on your website and/or social media.

From our side, find below our messages that you can all use:


Approach your national institutions and join forces with the national actions several countries are carrying on.

These go from hosting Ukrainian refugees, collecting food and essential good for people in needs, to donations.


Donate to verified bank accounts. For the moment, as ALDA we decided to support the fundraising initiated by:

  • The Municipality of Mariupol – our member – which is under strong threat and is asking for help. Please find the bank details HERE
  • AO EZZYLINK – a Moldovan Association providing unceasingly assistance to Ukrainian refugees crossing the border to Moldova, providing warm food, blankets, and other basic goods. Please find the bank details HERE


Through its emergency unit, ALDA is about to put in place several initiatives in support of Ukrainian communities and refugees.

If you want to contribute and/or to give your input and join forces, send us your manifestation of interest by sending an email to :

Discover more initiatives to support Ukraine: