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ALDA aims at reaching out global by overcoming the borders of the European Union and its Neighbourhood. Its mission is extremely important, even more in the changing context of the post COVID crisis. The role of local communities is crucial. We are focusing on our role of support to resilient communities, connectors between stakeholders and promoter of local democracy and citizens engagement. The work of ALDA aims at using its 20 years of experience and reaching out to different areas and stakeholders.
Our goal is to promote local democracy all over globe, working with local authorities and civil society. Local democracy implies well-functioning and democratic local governance engaged actively and constructively with citizens and civil society. Local democracy solves problems and delivers to citizens, with equality, rights and development. We started our work in the Balkans in 1999. In 20 years, we have enlarged our field of action from 5 to more than 350 members from Balkans to EU, Eastern Partnership and Mediterranean area. Those various steps required strategic thinking and decisions, made within the network. Getting out of a comfort zone requires commitment and guidance, the enlargement should be well thought and adequately explained to all involved stakeholders. It is important to highlight the benefits of the new approach to current members and partners. It’s important to seize the momentum and spread our mission even further. We live in times where local democracy and citizens participation matter.

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ALDA’s experience capitalized: European Support to Local Democracy

In the past years ALDA has produced a series of documents and analysis on the subjects of Democracy, Local Development and Good Governance, as key topics of our work and also in cooperation with some other key stakeholders. Now, with 20 years of experience on those main topics have led to the publication of our flagship initiative: European Support to Local Democracy.

European Support to Local Democracy is ALDA’s flagship initiative, kicked off with the adoption of the Strategic Plan 2020-2024. The initiative includes a panoply of instruments supporting local democracy through an institutional and civil society viewpoint. It encompasses councilors and local leaders. ALDA knows how to support local democracy from different aspects with various stakeholders and ALDA can (technical capacity, network and experience) propose the right path of activities for different situations.


“The Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships (former DG DEVCO) is responsible for formulating the EU’s international partnership and development policy, with the ultimate goal to reduce poverty, ensure sustainable development, and promote democracy, human rights, and the rule of law across the world. The role of the DG for International Partnerships (DG INTPA) is to:
work together with partner countries across the world to achieve sustainable development design the EU’s international partnership and development policy DG INTPA accompanies partner countries on their path towards sustainable development, continuously adapting their support to the country’s evolving needs and transitioning from bilateral assistance towards more targeted support as the situation improves.”
That’s why, considering that ALDA has been working since the very beginning in the Enlarged Europe, with a decentralized cooperation approach involving Local Authorities and the Organized Civil Society, DG DEVCO first and DG INTPA now are among our major stakeholders when it comes to the implementation of decentralized cooperation processes supporting inclusive, participatory, resilient and sustainable communities all around the world.

European Partnership for Democracy

The European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) is a non-profit organisation supporting democracy worldwide. It comprises fourteen European civil and political society organisations from eleven EU Member States present in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Located at the heart of the EU district in Brussels, EPD has established itself as a key player on EU democracy support, both vis-à-vis the EU Institutions and the member states, as well as the wider democracy support community. Since 2016 ALDA is actively cooperating with EPD boosting Democracy in Europe and all over the world, with a more active role since 2017 when the Secretary General of ALDA, Ms. Antonella Valmorbida, has been elected as president of EPD.

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