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Let’s wipe the stereotype!

Belonging to the EU and to its single market means that every European economic actor can circulate and trade freely in every Member states: this permits EU firms to grow and be more successful. Indeed, the freedom of movement attracts foreign investments in Europe, thus increasing the growth and employment rate. Being part of the common market also signifies that EU Member States are stronger during International negotiations agreements (such as in the frame of the WTO).
To fight against unemployment, the EU Commission launched the Juncker Plan, which is an investment of 183,5 billion aiming to boosting the growth and employment rate. So far, the EFSI (European Funds for Strategic Investments) created by the Juncker Plan authorized an investment of 9,4 billion euro and should lead to 42,7 billion euro of additional investments.
The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) supports the workers confronted to dismissals in sectors particularly exposed to relocations. Since its creation in 2006, the EGF helped 130.000 EU workers, which represents an invest of 542,4 billions euro.
The European Social Fund (ESF) helps EU citizens to find quality employments and so offering fairer professional perspectives to everyone. With a budget of 10 billions of euros each year, the ESF leads to the financing of ten of thousands of projects at the local, regional and national level to encourage integration and formation of job seekers, notably for disadvantaged people.
Europe is often accused to foster unemployment through the posted-workers system. A posted-worker is defined as “a worker who, for a limited period, works in a Member State other than the one in which he normally works”. Today in Europe (1) the remuneration of posted workers happens according with the principle of “equal work, equal pay”; (2) posted workers benefit from the same conditions as a local worker and the long-term detachment (limited to 12 months). This revision should allow a better control of the posted-workers rights respect and should foster the fight against frauds and against social dumping.
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