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ALDA Citizen Journalist Initiative
Have your say!

ALDA Citizen Journalist Initiative is meant for all citizens, particularly for young active people, who want to express their opinions about the issues they find interesting or worth to be discussed in public. Through this initiative, ALDA wants to encourage and support active citizen participation in the enlarged Europe. On this basis, in the following section you can find articles on different topics written by young people from all around Europe. Young people are our future, let’s make them express their opinions and thoughts in order to contribute to better shaped communities they live in. Don’t be shy and have your say! For more information please read the following document on Citizen Journalist Initiative.

How global institutions are increasing global poverty ?” Article review on Thomas Pogge's “Migrations and Poverty”

Giovanni Marco Scavelli is a PhD researcher at UIB – Human Cognition and Evolution. His research is about transformative resilience and regenerative cultures in Mallorca. 


Active Citizenship: We are all protagonists" by Amelia Ignone

Amelia Ignone is a young lady coming from a small town of the south-east of Italy. She graduated in Business Economy. Amelia is currently dedicating herself to cultural and political activities in her town, Mesagne, where she lives. That's why she kindly delivered to ALDA an article about the importance of being all protagonists in social and political life, stressing the key role that Europe and citizens have to play to build a better future.
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"The Essence of Active Citizenship" by Panagiota Constantinidi

Panagiota Constantinidi is a 20-year-old girl from Cyprus. She is currently studying law at the University of Leicester, in England. As inspiring lawyer, she knows she won't change the world but she will certainly work hard - as she is already doing - to create a fairer one. As student, she has always been active in extra-curricular activities: she is the Treasurer of the academic student group of ELSA Leicester – European Law Students Association – and since 2010 she has been is a member of the European Youth Parliament and attended various international seminars, such Model United Nations and Youth Voice events. That's the reason why she decided to write an article on what active citizenship means to her and on her commitment as a real European active citizen.


"Citizen participation: first steps after the Revolution in Tunisia" by Shady Rabhi

Shady Rabhi is 25-year-old man from Kasserine, a city located in the Central-Western part of Tunisia. Shady graduated in medical biology at the University of Monastir, in Tunisia. He is passionately involved in activities with associations that are active in promoting and supporting democracy and citizen participation. The article he kindly delivered us is about active citizen participation in Tunisia after the Jasmin Revolution.

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"Poetry on European Union"

The three students from Istituto Comprensivo Statale "F. Muttoni", which is located in Vicenza, Italy, kindly provided us with the poetry written on the topic of democracy and European Union. Two of the students are Italians, the third one has Albanian citizenship.
(The poetries are in italian.)


We for the EU, the EU for us: a powerful message from young EU citizens

A group of students from Scuola Secondaria di 1° Grado “Mainardi”, located in Vicenza, Italy, kindly delivered us an original photostory on the topic of the European Union, its history and its future. The initiative, supervised by Prof. Rachele de Prisco, aimed to raise awareness among the youngest on what it means to be a European citizen.


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