Toolkit of GOOD PRACTICES on Citizen Participation!

TV show "Ask the Mayor"

Country: Bosnia and Erzegovina


Each community has citizens who would like to have an influence on the decisions made by the mayor. Often during the mandate of mayors citizens are dissatisfied with some of the conditions imposed upon them and if they want to make some changes they need to convey their discontent to government representatives. In the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens have started to increasingly express their dissatisfaction through strikes, attacks to the government etc. To avoid such conflicts and to make local government more effective, one of the methods is to organize debates between citizens and representatives of the government, finding this way solutions to existing problems. In addition a TV show broadcasted by local television networks could be created, in which the mayor would make a guest appearance and citizens would have the possibility to ask questions live by phone call to the studio. Citizens could ask the mayor all about the problems in their municipality and suggest possible solutions to them. Beside these two methods, a Facebook page could also be created for all other citizens willing to ask the mayor all kind of questions about current local issues.


The aim is to open a television show for citizens so that they can use a public instrument to express themselves about issues important to them and that they cannot solve by themselves, related to place of residence, workplace, health, education etc.

The specific objectives would be:
Better cooperation with the mayor's cabinet
Involvement of citizens in decision-making in Prijedor
Greater possibility of a better life in Prijedor

Target Group

All citizens of Prijedor


The measure of the TV show "Ask the Mayor" would consists in three parts:

It would be broadcasted live, from a studio where the mayor would be a guest in front of the citizens and would directly answer to their questions
The mayor would make a guest appearances in a local TV show and citizens would be able to ask questions by telephone calls
It would be established a Facebook page for citizens who are unable to attend the live debate, so that they could send their questions to the mayor via social network


Local TV networks
LDA Prijedor as a mediator between citizens and mayor’s Facebook page


The TV show was realized in neighboring states as Serbia and Croatia and has produced positive results. We also have a mayor who is willing to cooperate with citizens for a better future, we know that this show would have great significance for improving the relationship between citizens and local authorities. In addition we can restore citizens' trust in government and the mayor's office could act efficiently and easily to solve existing problems.

With this measure we would achieve:
Better cooperation with the mayor's cabinet
Involvement of citizens in decision-making in Prijedor
Greater possibility of a better life in Prijedor


Informed citizens about education, health, employment, social sector, the budget of the city and other areas that are related to living issues in Prijedor.


1. Strengths:
Availability of the mayor to appear in the media and respond to citizens
Increased viewership of local television
This type of TV show is a great tool for election campaigns
2. Weaknesses:
Disinterest of citizens
Citizens do not have the habit to express their opinion
Political influence on citizens to express a specific opinion
3. Opportunities:
Greater interest of citizens to participate
Better collaboration between local authorities and citizens
Better visibility of the NGO sector as a moderator between local authorities and citizens
4. Threats:
Dissatisfaction of the mayor with citizens’ turnout
Dissatisfaction of citizens with mayor’s turnout
LDA Prijedor could be seen as body that represent the political party of the mayor

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