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  ALDA's Governing Board is responsible for the management and administration of ALDA in between General Assemblies. The Governing Board is composed of nine to 15 members with a four year mandate. It is composed of 12 members elected by the General Assembly, one member representing the LDA Delegates' Advisory Committee and two members representing Council of Europe institutions. This composition is a reflection of the historic link between ALDA and the Council of Europe.

The Governing Board elects a Bureau among its members including the President and Vice Presidents of the Association. The Bureau and the President, in liaison with the Secretary General, are responsible for the day-to-day management of ALDA.

Current members of the Governing Board are (mandate 2016-2020):

Mr. Oriano Otočan

Mr. Oriano Otočan
Istria Region (HR). President, bureau member

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Mr. Alessandro Perelli
Mr. Alessandro Perelli
Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (IT), European integration, international relations and financial management Service (Vice President, bureau member)

The democratic system along with participation are the cornerstones on which the institutional organization of a civilized and modern society should be based, in order to respond to the best interests of the population".

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Mrs. Imislawa Gorska
Mrs. Imislawa Gorska
International School of Bydgoszcz, (PL), Principal, (Vice President, bureau member - Coordinator Eastern Partnership Working Group)

If we do not fight for local democracy and citizen participation, the sacrifice we have done so far will be lost. And without it, Europe will not be stable and sustainable".

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Ms. Branka Mracevic
Herceg Novi Municipality, Montenegro. Vice president, bureau member


Mr. Roger Lawrence.
Individual member (UK). Treasurer, bureau member

Mr Maurizio Camin

Mr. Maurizio Camin
Associazione Trentino con i Balcani, Italy


Mr. Lutfi Haziri
Gjilan Municipality, Kosovo

Local democracy, national success! If democracy fails locally, it cannot ever prevail nationally".

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Mr. Dobrica Milovanovic

Mr. Dobrica Milovanovic
Individual member, Serbia 
Mr Alexandru OSADCI

Mr. Alexandru Osadci
CALM - Congress of Local Authorities from Moldova, Moldova

Democracy is human life’s imperative, local democracy is the key to this imperative".

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Ms. Antònia Rosselló 
Ms. Antònia Rosselló 
Fons Mallorquí de Solidaritat i Cooperació, Spain
Ms. Natalia Sovkopljas

Ms. Natalia Sovkopljas
UTCS – Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia , Slovakia

Mr Francesco ZARZANA

Mr. Francesco Zarzana
Cultural Association Progettarte, Italy

Both the democratic system and the citizen participation are fundamental, but in addition, the cultural dimension is also needed to build a better future, as it is increasingly becoming a key element fostering dialogue among people".

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Observing expert


Mr. Mohammed Salhi

For me local democracy is a political system that is organized locally and which grants citizens a specific political power they can exercise at the local level, that is to say, take their destiny in their hands and decide for themselves".

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Statutory members

Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform
Directorate General II - Democracy
Council of Europe

Appointed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe
Mr. Anders Knape
Mr. Anders Knape

President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, or his representative

Ms. Anzhelika Pylypenko
Ms. Anzhelika Pylypenko
Delegate of the Local Democracy Agency of the Dnipropetrovsk Region

Structured dialogue Europe for Citizens
Governing Board of ALDA, mandate 2016-2020, after its election - 12 May 2016, at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris
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