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ALDA Skopje is looking for 2 European Volunteers (EVS)

The project “Volunteers for European remembrance” consists of hosting 2 EVS volunteers for period of 12 months in ALDA-Skopje. 


Following the commemoration of the anniversaries of important historical events in 2014 (such as the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the First World War), the project lays its basis in the need to contribute to the promotion of peace and European citizenship. Bringing peace is the most valuable effect of EU and this should be maintained by encouraging tolerance, intercultural understanding and objective remembrance through mobility and empowerment of youth. 

This project consists of work on this topic of remembrance and EU citizenship through:

  • Leading youth projects and workshops on the topic of remembrance and peace with the help of new technologies and communication tools (video, photo and interview)
  • Promoting EU citizenship and exchanges among youngsters, civil society organizations and local authorities in Macedonia
  • Promoting intercultural understanding through presentations of other cultures and languages to Macedonian youngsters.

The two volunteers will work with Macedonian youngsters and other partners on these topics. Results of this project will be different tools for dissemination and promotion: videos, photos, articles and interviews on the topic of remembrance and EU citizenship as well as promotional materials used for Eramus + programme.

Responsibilities of the volunteers

1. Intercultural understanding & European Citizenship

The main aim of ALDA-Skopje is to promote European Citizenship and intercultural understanding. The goal of this project is to promote intercultural dialogue through exchanges and mobility. Therefore, the role of the EVS will be to encourage youth mobility among our partners (NGOs, schools and local authorities), while presenting the opportunities offered by the European educational programmes. His/her activities will consist in:

  • Promotion of the programme “Erasmus +” among the partners (Local authorities, schools and NGOs) through meetings, presentations and workshops,
  • Organization of workshops for high-school students and other young people from our partner towns promoting volunteering and youth mobility,
  • Development of ideas for youth exchanges, trainings and mobility programs with the partners

2. Youth development & Francophonie

While coordinating a project for cooperation with a French Region (Lower Normandy), ALDA-Skopje has developed cooperation with French-speaking bilingual class in 4 high-schools in Macedonia, the Faculty of Philology (French language) as well as the French Institute from Skopje & French alliances in Bitola and Tetovo. One part of the volunteers work will consist in working with youngsters from the above mentioned institutions in terms of development of their personal capacities, intercultural comprehension and linguistic knowledge.

  • Organisation of workshops in French for young people on certain topics (ex. Conversational clubs or/and debate clubs, cinema nights, cultural events etc.),
  • Development of extra-curricular activities with these youngsters in order to work on specific youth project and develop linguistic competences and/or intercultural dimension,
  • Promotion of the French language and “francophone” culture through presentations, seminars or other courses towards the youngsters in the above mentioned institutions. 

3. European remembrance & Peace and reconciliation

One important topic ALDA-Skopje currently is working on, is European remembrance, history interpretation in order to promote peace and reconciliation. We are preparing a youth international event for promotion of peace and its values through photo and video documentation. This peace education project has specific methodology of working with young people who tackle historical events through interviews and research in order to promote tolerance and comprehension. The volunteers will be fully involved in this project by:

  • Work with Macedonian youngsters on topics such as history, peace and remembrance (research, conducting interviews with elderly people, making videos)
  • Research on the topic and providing content on the topic (promoted on website).
  • Assistance for the realisation of the international event: contact with partners, content preparation etc. 



The volunteers will be based in Skopje, Macedonia. They will have 35 hours working week.


The volunteers are expected to be in Macedonia for 12 months: from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.


The hosting organization, according to the ERASMUS+ rules, is covering expenses for the volunteers such as:

  • International travel costs
  • Accommodation,
  • Food
  • Visa
  • Local transport
  • Pocket money
  • Health insurance
  • Macedonian language classes


The volunteers need visa for stay in Macedonia. The visa needs to be issued before arrival in Macedonia. and will be supporting and dealing with the administrative issues.


They will be appointed mentor from the hosting organisation.


Skills and qualifications necessary:

  • Fluent in French
  • Motivated Person
  • Ready to work in international and multicultural environment
  • Ready to study other cultures and customs
  • Interest in the topics related to the project
  • 17-30 years old The volunteers need to have current residence in France.

Expected benefits for the volunteers: 

  • Professional development: project management, linguistic competences (Macedonian language lessons are provided), team work, digital skills, ability to work in multicultural environment etc.
  • Personal development: social integration, intercultural comprehension, communication skills, active participation

Selection process:

Interested candidates should send CV and motivation letter on the following address: no later than 3rd May 2015.

Preselected candidates will be conducted for an interview. Within the selection process, ALDA will try to ensure the gender balance.


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