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GET UP PHOTO CONTEST - Promote gender equality at school, at work, in the society


The contest #get_up project invites European citizens to think and express, through original shots, stereotypes and gender differences in education, training and career, imagining a future free from gender inequality. 3 photo subjects to call your shot combined with 3 challenges; #wasteoftalent, #genderpaygap, #worklifebalance. Participants can choose if run for 1 or more theme, sending up a maximum of 3 photos, 1 for subject, adding a short text in order to describe their own pictures.



Ending: April, 30th



#wasteoftalent: Children are influenced by stereotypical attitudes and unconscious bias, from an early age, which in many cases prevents them from being the people they really are. Stereotypes must not hold back ambition. Teaching or being an apprentice in engineering, construction or IT should be perceived as perfectly comfortable choices for everyone, as should careers in social care and hairdressing, or teaching these.

#genderpaygap: The gender pay gap is the average difference between a man's and a woman's remuneration, taking into account differences in hours worked, occupations chosen, education and job experience.

#worklifebalance: Proper prioritization between work (career and ambition) and lifestyle (health, pleasure, leisure, family). Because of the social norms surrounding each gender role, and how the organization views its ideal worker, men and women handle the work–life balance differently. While women are increasingly represented in the work force, they still face challenges balancing work and home life.



To participate you must be a European citizen, apply to a call launched by partners, being over 18 years of age, owning the rights of the photos that you want to submit and strictly adhere to the constest's norms.



The winners of the contest will receive the titles: GET UP official Photographer for the European Awareness Campaign. The 6 most evocative photos will be chosen by the jury and establish the images of the campaign. The campaign foresees billposting of the winners' photos in the cities and towns of the country's network (Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Malta), coverage on social and institutional channels, and press campaign in the various partners' countries to promote gender equality in education, training and at the workplaces as much as possible. The name of the winners will be mentioned or awarded during formal labor and culture events in various European cities. The photographs and their explanations will be related to each other in an ideal dialogue in order to talk about and promote gender equality.



Each participant can submit to a maximum of 3 photos (1 per theme) to apply to the call launched by the GETUP partners in Europe. The photos must meet the requirements (the penalty is the exclusion from the contest itself) and can be both in color and in black & white. Reprocessing photo-montages and other interventions are allowed to improve the comprehension of the work represented. Participants have to: 1. Send us photos using the form online 2. Fill in the information required



The jury would assess photos from a technical and content (relevance, innovation and efficacy) standpoint. The criteria to evaluate photographs will be:

  • The quality of the image
  • The clear understanding of the theme/subject represented
  • The innovativeness of the work
  • The originality of the images proposed
  • The likes gotten on Instagram from the network audience

The jury of the competition, whose judgment is unquestionable, composed of professional photographers and exponents of GETUP partners, experts in gender equality, based on the above criteria will select 6 photo winners (2 per theme). Evaluations will take place during the month of April.



Contest's participation implies the unconditional acceptance of the rules contained in the contest norms. The photos that do not apply to all the contest’s norms will not be taken into consideration.

Read and download the contest's norms

Read more about the GET UP project


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