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LDA Nis is organising a roundtable with local stakeholders to present and put for discussion the key findings of the field research done by LDA on social policies and services for children in Nis.
The round table will take place Thursday 20th December and will focus, more precisely on (1) the foster care service and (2) the mechanism of inter-sectoral collaboration of the Center for Social Welfare and primary schools in Nis.

LDA Nis staff expect the participation of representatives of local government, educational institutions and relevant social welfare institutions and citizens associations interested in the topic.
Conclusions and recommendations from the roundtable will be sent to the local government in Nis.
The roundtable is a part of the activities that are being realized within the project "Initiative for monitoring social policy", implemented on a national level by the Coalition Civil Society Focal Points (KOCD) and supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

LDA Nis: Open call for “Nis Greeters”
LDA Nis has published a call for the first group of volunteer hosts - "Nis Greeters".
This call is a part of the project "Welcome to Nis”, initiated by LDA Nis and implemented in partnership with the Office for Youth of Medijana Municipality and Nis Tourist Organization with the support of the Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sports. Local voluntary service "Nis Greeters", that will be created during this project, is modeled on the work of a worldwide network of volunteer hosts, The Global Greeter Network. Volunteer hosts, citizens of Nis who love the city they live in, who are enthusiastic, open minded and eager to meet people from other cultures will offer to the guests of Nis interesting tours through the city and its surrounding.  All services of "Nis Greeters" will be free and open to individuals and small groups.
This program supports sustainable tourism, respecting the local environment and the local community while bringing the opportunity for economic prosperity. It aims to establish a lasting positive image of the city and create the opportunity for mutual cultural exchange and interaction between ordinary people for the sake of establishing and fostering good relations between people worldwide. “Gyumri city has a great potential to become attractive for the tourists” with these words historian, senior lecturer and sociologist of the French Paris 8 University Nora Seni opened the conference on “The role of culture in the Urban Development”.
The conference took place on 15th of December, in Gyumri in the art school hall after N. Tigranyan at the initiative of Armenian Local Democracy Agency in cooperation with the French Embassy in Armenia.

There were about 40 representatives from the cultural hearths, civil society and educational centers.
Nora Seni shared her experience and knowledge on urban development pointing out culture as a main tool to promote tourism especially in the industrial cities. If in 60-70ies the cities were built around one trade centre now the cultural hearths more likely museums and libraries are more dominant in the centres of the cities. The city Bilbao is the best example. It began to develop as soon as a museum with a specific architecture had been built there.
She also added that in France there are several cities that used to be industrial ones. And due to the museums that have been built on the territories of abandoned factories, the city has become an attraction for the tourists and the city development was promoted.
Surely, for this the assistance of the government is vital in order the culture is not centralized in one city.
The French Embassy in Armenia can support to create foundations, find sponsors that will finance such cultural projects.
The advisor of the culture and cooperation department of the French Embassy Jan-Michel Kasbarean clarified why Gyumri city has been chosen for sharing this experience on urban development: “Gyumri has been considered to be an industrial city, it owes historical and cultural values, has strong will to overcome difficulties, and culture can become a trump for the city”.
The participants shared with the lecturer the problems and main needs that puts obstacles for the culture development in Gyumri and expressed willingness to support the ideas of French Embassy for cultural development in Gyumri.


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