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The initiative “Looking for European Innovators” promoted by the Italian Alliance for the European Year of Citizens 2013 saw representatives by Italian political forces take part to the meeting in order to actively engage and support by their respective elective assemblies the actions and the goals contained in the Declaration of the Italian Alliance.

The event “Looking for European Innovators” was the second part of the involvement process, launched through the questionnaire, which had been sent to the political forces, focusing on specific issues, such as citizenship, integration, European Policies, and immigration.

The Deputy Paola Binetti (UDC), Monica Frassoni (SEL), Flavio Lotti (Rivoluzione Civile), the Deputy Sandro Gozi (PD), Luca Cefisi (PSI), Chiara Colosimo (Fratelli d’Italia – Centrodestra Nazionale), the former president of the Constitutional Court Giovanni Maria Flick (Centro Democratico), Piero Soldini (SEL), the Senator Vincenzo Vita (PD), and Imma Battaglia (Lista Civica Nicola Zingaretti Presidente attended the event.

The main objective was to introduce in the political debate and campaigning the European Union and raise awareness among the Italians about European matters since it seems that these issues are completely excluded from the political campaign. Indeed actually all political parties do not open the debate about European Union, and the Italian Alliance wanted to stress the importance of mobilising political parties on it with this initiative.

The adhesion to the contents of the Declaration “2013 We, Citizens of Europe…” was broad, although there were some differences. All attendees arranged on the necessity to focus more on European issues and, especially, they agreed with the aims of the Italian Alliance, ensuring their commitment to promote and to support the action of the Alliance. Due to the different political memberships and traditions, the different candidates did not hide their different opinions in several points, such as citizenship and naturalisation, environment, justice and detention, European integration, European policy towards the Mediterranean countries, European social policy, European monetary policy, Youth policies, and Labour policies. All these themes will be the main matters, on which the action of the future Italian government will focus its efforts.

That is why, the event represented an important opportunity to exchange, to debate and to confront between the political forces and the most important associations and organisations of Italian civil society.

The meeting “Looking for European Innovators” occurred after the Steering Committee of the Italian Alliance for the European Year of Citizens 2013 , which took held on January 2013, 29 at 11:30 a.m., in the “Sala Natali” in the Permanent Representation of the European commission in Italy (Via IV Novembre – Rome).

ALDA Director, Antonella Valmorbida, updated the coordinators of the seven working groups of the Italian Alliance, about the progress and the decisions, which were taken by the working groups of the European Alliance.

The meeting served the purpose to enhance the synergies between members of the steering committee, and it contributed to organise the activity of the Alliance in view of the next national and European commitments, to give new issues of cooperation, and to exchange proposals among the delegates.

Finally, the Italian Alliance decided to arrange and to organise, in view of the next European commitments. Finally, thanks to ALDA proposal and request, and thanks to CIME (Italian Council of the European Movement) cooperation, the steering committee decided to submit to local authorities a document, which will have to concretise in a order of business to present to city and local councils and assemblies, on the Declaration “2013 We, Citizens of Europe…”


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