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Creative ways to support employability - Study visit in Omegna, Italy

ALDA is looking for two Italian or Italian residents participants for the study visit "Creative ways to support employability" which will be held in Omegna, Piemonte (Italy) from 10 to 13 September 2013.

The study visit is organised in partnership with the association Kaleidoscopio and within the programme Youth in Action. The two participants need to have relevant experience with the programme: ideal candidates are youth workers, trainers, social workers, and employment counsellors.

Its main aim is to support employability developing skills, competences, knowledge and explore the relation between creativity and employability. It will provide participantswith  new knowledge and inspiration about approaches and working methods dealing with the subject of employability in an innovative way.Participants will be invited to present their creative best practices, to develop together new educational tools to support young people to acquire the necessary skills, and develop together a space for trainers and a employers to meet and exchange ideas.

The project covers for 70% of the travel costs (up to 100 €, 70% of 142 €). Food and stay will be provided.

Register by emaiing and read more information about the study visit



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