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It is an honor for me to have been elected President of ALDA, representing the Region of Istri.
I had the opportunity to participate in the previous four years at the ALDA activities, as members of the Governing Board.
Since 2005, I served first as a Member of the Regional Government, and afterwards as Director of Department in charge of international cooperation and European integration in the Region of Istria. My duties include the activities of bilateral and multilateral inter-regional cooperation, coordination of EU programs and projects, development of human resources and informing citizens of the Euro-integration processes.
I wish to emphasize the importance of ALDA in the promotion of fundamental democratic and European values ​​which still represent a challenge to the EU countries as well as those on the path to EU or those in the close European neighborhood. I believe that with my experience in working in a region that has reached an enviable level of tolerance and respect for minority rights, experience in local development, interregional cooperation, work of international organizations, knowledge of Euro-integration process of a country that is on the verge of joining the EU and with my knowledge of the current political reality of Southeast Europe, I can actively contribute to the further development of ALDA as an exceptional and unique European organization which in its work involves individuals, local and regional public authorities and civil society.

Oriano Otočan

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