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Student Talent Bank

Time spam: 24 months (01-11-2017 - 31-10-2019)

Short description:
Rates of early leaving from education and training are falling since 2002 in the European Union. Despite this positive trend, early leaving remains a serious issue in many Member States as the number of young people leaving school before completing upper secondary level is still high. School Talent Bank promotes entrepreneurial education in secondary schools among teachers in order to prevent early school leaving, facilitate the transition from school to work and increase students’ engagement. The specific target are those schools which register a high percentage of ethnic minority and foreign-born students.
In order to do so, School Talent Bank enriches school teachers with entrepreneurial competences, as well as creating an online platform, “The School Talent Time Bank”. The web will work as a motivation and take action tool designed to support teachers to manage school drop-outs.



  • To achieve relevant and high-quality skills and competences for secondary school teachers to foster they professional development in terms of Entrepreneurship education as they play a central role in education, and, they have a strong impact on the attainment of learners.
  • To support schools to tackle early school leaving (ESL) and disadvantage through new methods and tools to foster students’ engagement and motivation.
  • To improve the quality and efficiency of education and training
  • To promote equity, social cohesion and active citizenship.


Student Talent Bank foresees 7 steps, having impact both at the local and at the European level:

  • Project coordination and management: overall coordination and organisation of 5 transnational meetings
  • Development of the Intellectual Output 1- ST Bank Entrepreneurial Course for teachers
  • Development of the Intellectual Output 2 – ST Bank Platform
  • Intensity Study Programme
  • Organisation of 6 Multiplier Events
  • Dissemination
  • Monitoring and Quality Evaluation

Activity 1: Transnational meetings

In order to assure the best development of the project, the partners have agreed on the organization of 5 phase-to-phase transnational meeting, taking place at key moments and places of the overall project implementation with different objectives.

  • Kick off meeting in Strasbourg, France, November 2017
  • Meeting in Katerini, Greece, June 2018
  • Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, November 2018
  • Meeting in Milan, Italy, April 2019
  • Meeting in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, November 2019

Activity 2: IO1 - The ST Bank Entrepreneurial Course for teachers

The aim of this activity is to develop a course that will provide teachers with entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and competences to schools’ teachers in secondary schools.
The ST Bank Entrepreneurial Course for teachers will be available on the School Talent Bank Platform (IO2) and it will be delivered in the pilot test, delivered with learning “snacks”.


  • Research phase - Existing Situation Analysis
  • Production of a Training Plan
  • Development of the training courses
  • Train the teachers, short term joint staff training event

Expected results

  • Training plan
  • Training modules
  • Training activities
  • Local event 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • A community of practices
  • Learning Objectives
  • Expected Learning Outcomes

Activity 3: IO2 – School Talent Bank Platform

This activity has the goal of building the School Talent Bank Platform, a web that completes the ST Bank Entrepreneurial Course for teachers by offering the teachers a motivation and take action tool designed to support teachers to manage school drop-outs.


  • Platform design
  • Development of the community of practice and adaptation to distance learning
  • Development of the school talent (time) bank
  • Pilot test
  • Evaluation and final release


  • Student talent (time) bank
  • Community of practice
  • Questionnaire (feedback through the Pilot test)

Activity 4: Intensive Study Programme

The intensive Study Programme is the “Future Classroom Lab” organised to gather 5 teachers per partner’s country to train and prepare them to take part into the transnational training events at month 16. Other expert teachers on innovative training methodology will train the guest teachers in order to make them able to carry out pilot test in their country.

  • Goal: To prepare the selected to teachers to act as ambassadors of the programme in their own country, spreading the learning snacks and the community of practice.
  • Target: secondary school teachers
  • Number of participants: 30

Activity 5: Multipliers events

The aim of the five multiplier events will be to raise awareness of the project especially in its initial phase, in order to create a first group of potential users and stakeholders. The first event will be organised as a launching conference, while the five following events will share the structure (conference + Challenge Jam):

The first part of the event will take the of form of a CONFERENCE where the lead partner of the event will show the project results.

The second, the “CHALLENGE JAM”, involves classes of students working remotely from around Europe in parallel. All classes, supported by their teachers, will work on the same entrepreneurial challenge, which will be a micro-project developed within a few hours. At the end of the challenge, results from all participating classes will be collected through digital means and shared through twitter.

Activity 6: Dissemination

The dissemination is a process of diffusion and a mechanism to guarantee a feedback from the users during all relevant project stages. Dissemination will start since the beginning of the project, building up the foundation for the consecutive exploitation and sustainability of the project.
and the stakeholders: trainer’s provider, business incubator, universities and decision-makers.


  • Draft of dissemination plan
  • Distribution of promotion materials (in all partners’ languages)
  • Management of the social media
  • Elaboration of the draft of the project of the website
  • Developing several dissemination channels
  • Implementation awareness raising events and dissemination activities
  • Coordination with other projects & public events in general


  • Dissemination plan
  • Awareness campaign
  • Five newsletters
  • Project web portal
  • Printed/electronic dissemination materials
  • Awareness raising events
  • Closing conference with the dissemination results
  • Exploitation plan

Activity 7: Monitoring and quality evaluation

Project quality control has the aim to guarantee intellectual outputs realization and relevance within stated objectives and sustainability strategy.


  • Development of the Quality plan
  • Ongoing Quality management
  • Monitoring of the project activities implementation within the agreed timetables and according to the framework set to achieve the expected milestones


  • Risk and contingency plan
  • Intermediate and final report
  • 6 months review constant feedbacks during the project implementation

Lead Partner:

  • ALDA – the European Association for Local Democracy, France

Project partners:

  • PLATON M.E.P.E., Greece
  • UVA, Universidad de Valladolidad, Spain
  • INQ, Stichting Incubator, Netherlands
  • EM, Eurocrea Merchant, Italy
  • ISJI, Inspectoratul scolar judetean Iasi, Romaina


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