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Climate Of Change

15 January 2020 - June 2023

End climate change, start climate of change! A Pan European campaign to build a better future for climate induced migrants, the human face of climate change. #ClimateOfChange.

Project description
Climate of Change is a research-based project aimed to enhance awareness of young EU citizens on the nexus between the economic system we live in, our lifestyle and human-induced climate change effects in the Global South. This project will promote sustainable lifestyle patterns and a shift towards a sustainable, human economy model within our planetary boundaries. In particular, it will engage and activate young EU citizens in support of policies and development actions to tackle climate change as a driver of irregular migration and forced displacement worldwide.
To do so, a Pan-European communication campaign (#ClimateOfChange) will be created with and for young EU Citizens, to develop a European movement involving and activating the participation of EU citizens in EU development policies and response to global challenges.

Two main objectives:

  • Contributing to developing European citizens’ awareness of climate change-induced migration
  • Promoting their active engagement to address the root causes of global warming and its human face, climate migrants.

Long-term goal:

  • Reaching young EU citizens and providing them with the tools to become the protagonists of a Pan-European movement.

The project step by step

Step 1 | Building a strong theoretical framework

The evidence-based research will enrich all the activities of awareness, mobilization and advocacy foreseen in the 4-year project.

  1. Four case-studies will be produced through a desk review followed by field visits in Senegal, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Cambodia. The selected countries are the most impacted in the global warming effects and number of displaced migrants.
  2. A report on Human Economy will be produced in order to address the root causes of climate change and migration and how we need to transform our economies.
  3. A comparative survey in 23 EU countries among EU citizens of 16-35 years of age will be run on the opinions and knowledge of the nexus between migration, climate change and the current economic model.
  4. A guide for the campaign communication and a training will provide concrete recommendations on how to communicate successfully with the project target to support the consortium members stakeholders.

Step 2 | Enhancing youth participation: The Pan-EU communication campaign.
The Pan-EU communication campaign will enhance young people’s participation in offline and online activities.
The project will include youths in the campaign through activities such as debate contests in 13 EU member states, field visits, and grassroots actions.
The #ClimateOfChange campaign’s website, films, tours, festivals and multiple other events will set the stage for a concerted mobilizing action.

Step 3 | Advocacy

The actions in advocacy will be held in partnership and in coordination between the Consortium members stakeholders. Practical tools will be produced to guide and define the advocacy strategy. Engaged young decisions makers, local authorities, influencers will ensure the spread of the social, political, economic and environmental transformation that we wish to see in Europe and in the world.

Lead partner

WeWorld GVC Onlus.

Other partners

ActionAidHellas – AAH (GR)
Alianza por la Solidaridad – APS (Spain)
Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation – BEPF (BG)
Buy Responsibly Foundation Poland – BRF (PL)
Municipality of Bologna – COBO (IT)
European Association for Local Democracy - ALDA (FR+BE)
European Environmental Bureau – EEB (BE)
FINEP (Germany)
Hungarian Baptist Aid - HBAID (HU)
Instituto Marques de Valle Flor – IMVF (PT)
Oxfam Deutschland - ODE (Germany)
Slovenian Global Action – SLOGA (SI)
Suedwind (AT)
University of Bologna - UNIBO (IT)
University of Nicosia Research Foundation / NGO – Research institute (CY)

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