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TIE - Tackling Illegal Economy

1 July 2013 - 30 June 2015


Project at a glance

TIE aims at creating the grounds for collaboration between the public institutions, judges, civil society and the academic world in identifying and promoting the best ways to undermine the profitability of crime by means of the aggression to criminal assets.


The general objectives of the project are:

  • to gather and share information on the best methods to fight financial and economic crime;
  • to identify and diffuse the best practices in the investigation, confiscation and recovery of criminal assets.

Its specific objectives are:

  • to promote the best practices on the re-use of confiscated assets;
  • to develop partnerships and collaboration between the civil society, the academic world and the institutions; to transfer civil society's experience to public actors, in order to assist them in the re-use of confiscated assets.
  • The best practices in the field will be analysed and implemented by experts in the form of a Document of Recommendations, assessed against real-world scenarios.


  • Action 1, Introductive Seminars:

A dedicated cycle of seminars will be held, focusing on the developments in the research and analysis of the criminal phenomena; economic activities of criminal organisations; impact of illegal economies on licit economy.

  • Action 2, International round table tour:

In each Country, a 2-day round table will be held, with the participation of international guests and experts, and open to the public. The round tables will be held in:

2.1: London, UK;
2.2: Paris, France;
2.3: Stara Zagora, Bulgaria;
2.4: Berlin, Germany;
2.5: Brussels, Belgium

  • Action 3, Researches.

Investigations will be realised, to collect the elements for a subsequent benchmarking

3.1: Multidisciplinary research on the international law framework, to identify the best solutions available for confiscation and recovery.
3.2: Independent journalists will investigate cases of criminal infiltrations in licit economy, to draw scenarios where the solutions can be verified.
3.3: Financial investigation on real world study cases.

  • Action 4, Seminars, second round.

The results gathered during Actions 2 and 3 will be presented at OLE 2014, in a thematic thread; the participants in Actions 2 and 3 will draft a Document of Recommendations on the best practices in the fight against economic and financial crime.

  • Action 5, Network and Benchmark.

This action is aimed at giving both continuity and a practical application to the work. The results of Action 3 and Action 4 will serve as the basis for two complementary activities:

5.1, Network: an informal network of all involved actors will analyse and implement the Document of Recommendations, and continue exchanging and disseminating information on the best practices in the fight against illegal economy, through a dedicated Internet portal.
5.2, Benchmark: a team of experts will compare the results of the researches, re-analysing the solutions suggested by 3.1, and testing them against the cases raised by 3.2, in order to verify the efficacy of the suggested best practices against real-world scenarios. This benchmarking will be submitted to further analysis by the informal network, to gather expert opinions and to write the final version of the Document of Recommendations.

Seminar in Brussels
8 October - Draft of recommendations

Report on research findings produced for the EC-funded "Tackling Illegal Economy" (TIE) project led by Libera
Legislate on the right to enjoyment of assets
Tax evasion and financial criminality in Europe: New Forms of Fraud, New Social Struggles
TIE - Tackling Illegal Economy - RECOMMENDATIONS
EN TIE Brussels Final Agenda
"FOLLOW THE MONEY" - Protocol Conference "TIE - Tackling the Illegal Economy"
Stara Zagora 4 -5 June 2014 - Exporting Falcone method in Europe
Sarah-Mezzanzana TIE ENGL
Sarah Mezzanzana Draft of proposals Bxl
TIE Proposta BIBO
Prof. Costantino The importance of reuse of confiscated assets FINAL SC
Jesus Palomo's presentation

Photo gallery

9 October - Seminar on Money laundering and tax heavens in Europe

Mr Federico Anghelé
Ms Nienke Palstra Transparency International
Ms Siân Jones UK Digital Currency Association
Mr David Schwander DG MARKT EC
Ms Martina Hanke UNODC

Photo gallery


Lead partner



  • Libera - Italy

Other partners

  • Association of Local Democracy Agency - France
  • FLARE - Italy
  • Bulgarian – Italian Business Organisation - Bulgary
  • Terra del Fuoco - Italy
  • University of Palermo – Italy
  • Middlesex University - UK
  • Rey Juan Carlos University - Spain
  • Alternatives Europeennes - France
  • European alternatives - UK
  • Mafia? Nein Danke! - Germany
  • Re:common - Italy


For more information, please contact:
Aldo Xhani,
Active Citizenship Project Coordinator
Tel: +32 497 37 10 11



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