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BET ON EU: Balkans and Europe Together: Opportunity for a New Experience towards Unification!

1st May 2015 – 30th April 2016


Project at a glance
The project encompasses 19 partners - 12 in the EU 28 and 7 in the Balkans – from 12 different countries: it aims at representing an unbiased platform for exchanging, reflecting, debating and acting for the future of Europe, as ambassadors of the motto “United in diversity”.

The project structure follows the metaphor of a bet: first of all, it is important to know the rules of the game, secondly it is essential to consider your own resources and what you are wiling to invest and finally you need to decide what to bet on.

The partners of the project “BET on EU” will be requested to play the role of betters for the future of the EU, fully assuming their responsibilities in shaping the Union and functioning as “multipliers” in their own communities in order to engage in this challenge a wide range of stakeholders: citizens, civil society organizations, public bodies and institutions, etc.

At the end of the project, a ’game book’ will be drafted: it will present the results of the “bet” and represent a valuable tool to multiply the engagement of European and Balkan local authorities in the EU enlargement process.

Budget: 148.000,00 €


1 - 1st international event: the rules of the game
Day 1: the “rules of the game”: all the partners will become acquainted with the EU policies and institutions – with special focus on the enlargement process. Presentations, workshops, role-games, etc.
Day 2: reasons behind EU enlargement and the benefits it brings. Infield visits to EU funded project, round-table with Institutions
Day 3: how to play the game, namely by supporting and contributing to the whole EU Project. Joint decisions on the "bet" game: working groups, future steps

2 - Local Path phase 1
Local/national processes will be activated in each country.
Each partner organizes local activities encompassing different methods and characteristics: the common aim is to multiply the effect at local level, offer the opportunity to get to know the “rules of the game” to their communities and collect the resources of the community for the "bet". In country with more that 1 partner, 1 is responsible for running the events and the others will contribute through raising citizens voice.

3 - 2nd international event: the resources to invest in the bet (RAVENNA) 10 – 12 April 2015
Day 1: • discussion and collaboration amongst the partners about the resources they can invest in the notable EU challenge • activities in relation to EU enlargement
Day 2:  • innovative tools to teach partners how best to involve community actions and refine local policies  • present the list of resources to be invested or ‘betted’
Day 3: • planning future steps
All the above will focus on the core issue of the project, EU enlargement, and provide a platform for interaction between partners.

4 - Local path: 2nd phase
Each partner will launch an event/path to listen and focus on citizens and civil society organizations’ voice about the future of the EU, specifically on the enlargement. Each community should work on its specific aims for the bet: what does the community want by investing resources in the EU? EU policies foresee different “bets”, such as the EU 2020 strategy: the aim of this phase is to complete the overall bet at the EU level with a more pragmatic approach coming from different territories.

5 - 3rd  international event: decision on what to bet on
The final international event:
• partners will have the opportunity to put together their objectives of the bet
• partners will formulate a joint statement
• the joint statement will encompass  the aims for which they are willing to invest and work
• once the joint aims are decided, the partners will also work to develop a joint action plan
• the joint action plan includes different actions contributing to achieve and win the bet

6 - Follow up phase
The joint statement and the related action plan developed during the 3rd international seminar will be put into practice in all the targeted countries by each partner of the project. This represents a pilot phase to experiment the decisions concerning the bet and activate the whole community as "betters for the EU".


Municipality of Subotica

Municipality of Ravenna (IT)
Municipality of Érd, (HU)
City of County Right (BG)
City of Osijek
The Mountain Community Iezer Muscel Association (RO)
International Platform for Citizen Participation (BG)
Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA), (BG)
Municipality of Knjazevac (SER)
Municipality of Zavidovici (BIH)
Wolverhampton City Council (UK)
Municipality of Lecce(IT)
Municipiul Odorheiu Secuiesc (RO)
Municipality of Bijelo Polje (MNE)
Municipality of Niksic (MNE)
Municipality of Szeged (HU)
Municipality of Aerodrom (MK)
Municipality of Novo Mesto (SI)



Balkans and Europe Together: Opportunity for a New Experience towards Unification

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