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Bridges of Expertise to Fight Gender Based Violence
Cinsiyete Dayalı Şiddetle Mücadele İçin Uzmanlık Koprüleri

Ended 31/12/2015

Overall objective: Contribute to the Turkish government’s efforts for the protection of women’s human rights and affirmation of gender policies.


Specific objectives:
1. Support capacity building for local and national Turkish NGOs on combating violence against women (VAW) and gender violence.
2. Foster networking among NGOs and institutions.
3. Promote / support partnerships with local authorities that offers services to women.
4. Create general awareness.


1. Kick-off meeting of the partners in Nevşehir (Turkey) to start the project and visit the local stakeholders to learn about their policies and practices, their needs and theirobjectives.
2. EU Municipalities and NGOs will conduct a research on the best practices in theirterritories and develop training (and informational) materials (and website) to support thedevelopment of Turkish actors.
3. First session of theoretical training in gender and VAW related issues in Cappadocia. Some time will be spent by EU partners in visiting and studying the Black Searegions’ stakeholders.
4. Universities of Koper and Nevşehir will start and address a research, aimed atpreparing analyses and strategies on how governmental organizations, authorities, and NGOs cancollaborateon combating gender-based violence and VAW, and on adapting educational and counselling packages to be utilised in counselling centresand/or women’s shelters.
5. Second session of practical training in Cappadocia (presenting best practices, educationals,methodologies and experiences).
6. The Turkish partners will be hosted in Europe by the EU partners tovisit the Provincial and Municipal offices, NGOs, women’s shelters and counsellingcentres, the University Department and Research centre.
7. Drafting and translating in Turkish and English languages of: the contents of a guidecontaining EU and national guidelines, the results of the research conducted by the University of Koper and Nevşehir, the best practices from the EUpartners, an Action Plan for the next years. The guide will be printed in Turkey and disseminated tocitizens and Institutions through Turkish stakeholders.
8. Final conference in Nevşehir. Objectives: present theresults of the project, its path, and the guide, before distributing it; coordinate the reporting documentations’ predisposition for the last months.
9. Presentation of the guide to the EU Council in Strasbourg, where ALDA will supportthe Turkish partner.


Target groups:
1. Partners themselves;
2. Members of the Women Committees of the involved Municipal areas and neighbouring Municipalities (Governorships, Municipalities Departments for Social Issues and Planning, SocialSecurity Organisations, Provincial Health Directorates, Jandarma-Gendarmerie, Provincial Directorates of Police, NGO’s related to women and gender issues, Provincial Directorates of Familyand Social Policies, local NGOs coordinators of the UN programs on gender issues and VAW).


Expected results:
1. Establishment of new local-international networks/partnerships.
2. Improvement of services for victims of gender based violence and VAW.
3. Awareness-raising on gender based violence and VAW.

Lead: KapadokyaKadınDayanışmaDerneği – Cappadocia, Woman Solidarity Association


Nevşehir Municipality (Turkey)
Kırşehir Municipality (Turkey)
KaradenizEreğli Municipality (Turkey)
Zonguldak Municipality (Turkey)
NevşehirÜniversitesi/NÜKÇAM – Nevşehir University/Women Research Center (Turkey)
C.M.C. HOPE – ONLUS (Italy)
Gorizia Provincial Administration (Italy)
Monfalcone Municipality (Italy)
Sacile Municipality (Italy)
Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo Mesto (Slovenia)
Center for social work Koper (Slovenia)
University of Primorska, Science andResearch Centre of Koper (Slovenia)
Association of Local Democracy Agencies (France).

Duration: 21 months.

Guide for fighting against gender based violence - Turkish version 
Guide for fighting against gender based violence - English version


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