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Working for Environmentally Educated Towns- WE- NET

24 months (01.07.2015 – 30.06.2017)


Short description
The project brings together people from 8 countries coming from economically, historically and culturally different backgrounds representing a great opportunity to work together on issues of mutual concern and exchange ideas. The biggest emphasis will be on young people because they are the future of Europe, they must make the difference for a better and more sustainable world. Young citizens will contribute as protagonists to the discussion on the topics foreseen. The project seeks to initiate discussion on the subject as well as promoting active participation, providing a platform to voice citizens’ opinions. Collaborative organisation and partnerships with municipalities, educational facilities, like-minded institutions and businesses, and community organisations is seen as crucial to maximise reach and impact of the project.


The main objectives of this project are:

  • to establish a network of municipalities and towns from different regions across Europe
  • to work together on environmental issues
  • to promote recycling and sustainable development
  • to tackle the environmental pollution together as a problem crossing state border which has a global impact on population
  • to mobilize citizens for cooperation between municipalities and towns from different state
  • to discuss about the relevance of recycling for their society and for their future generations.

WE- NET foresees 8 steps, having impact both at the local and at the European level.

0- Preparatory activities 1/7/2015- 30/9/2015

On-line meetings
Discussion on the action plan and the technical / practical aspects of the project implementation, in particular:
- Presentation of the partners
- Financial and administrative rules
- Identification of objectives and outcomes of each international event;
- Planning the international events and local processes

Expected results:

- Agreement found on a definitive action plan and on the financial conditions of the project
- Draft of the international event activities and their focus themes
- Definition of the methods of implementation of the international events

1- "A culture of sustainability"- 20/11/2015- 22/11/2015

International event, Thiene, Italy
A. Seminar: information session about EU Strategy for a sustainable growth in the frame of the EU2020 strategy. Debate on how to implement the strategy at local level: role of LAs and civil society. Identification and collection of best practices.
B. 'Training of multipliers'. Participants will be trained to non-formal education methods relating to recycling and selective waste sorting. Focus on the use of ICT and other innovative tools to raise awareness on these topics.

Expected results:
- A culture of sustainability is improved
- Best practices on sustainable environment and recycling are collected and shared
- Participants are ready to train and inform their peers in their local communities

2- Local educational activities - "A culture of sustainability"- 01/12/2015- 31/03/2016

Local activities, all partner countries
Modules of non-formal education dedicated to introduce the concepts and practices of environmental sustainability and specifically of recycling and selective waste sorting through play activities and other non-formal education methods.
Target groups: Children and teenagers and their families. Citizens of the local communities involved.

Expected results:
- At least one local activity is organized in each partner municipality.
- In each partner municipality, at least 50 people are involved in the activities.
- Awareness raised among the citizens, namely youths, on the topic addressed.

3- "Mutistakeholders approach for sustainable communities": International seminar on the economic and social opportunities related to recycling activities- 06/05/2016- 08/05/2016

International event, Lisboa, Portugal
In line with the standard conceptualization of sustainable development, focus on identifying and improving synergies between social, economic, and environmental aspects
of recycling and selective waste sorting. Exchange of experience and best practice, identification of possible cross-sector and transnational cooperation opportunities.
In field visits: visit to the local territory, to see how the recycling issues are tackled.

Expected results:
- Cooperation among institutional, civil society and private sector established, for the purposes of promoting an effective recycling process advantaging the communities as a whole.
- Success cases and best practices shared at transnational level. Space for cooperation and transfer of knowledge created.

4- "From education to participation"- 18/11/2016- 20/11/2016

International event, Strasbourg, France
“From education to participation”: the event will focus on the role of active citizenship and personal responsibility. How individual behaviors can make the difference and improve the living conditions in local communities.
The event will foresee a plenary session and then separate workshops to address more specifically the topic. Training of multipliers: how to address the citizens: methods to involve them and improve their personal behaviors in for a more sustainable community

Expected results:
- Awareness about individual responsibility towards a sustainable environment enhanced
- Participants are ready to independently apply the gained skills and knowledge in their communities

5- "From education to participation" - Local workshops- 01/12/2016- 31/03/2017

All partner countries, local activities
Pilot activities around the topic "My city in 50 years" and other initiatives. Building upon concrete knowledge and analysis of their city's environmental situation; comparative study and display of what the respective participants' communities would look like in the best case/worst case scenario. Slogans and messages will be developed to sensitize citizens on the behaviors to be adopted for helping shaping a sustainable future society. Results will be displayed in various creative formats.

Expected results:
- At least one local activity is organized in each partner municipality. In each partner municipality, at least 50 people are involved in the activities.
- Awareness raised in each municipality involved on the long-term impact of (non-) recycling.
- Citizens have improved their sense of ownership and belonging to their own territory.

6- Final international event- 05/05/2017- 07/05/2017

Taranto, Italy
Exhibition displaying the results will be organized in a public, open space. Discussion and debate on the project's implementation, lessons learned, opportunities for further follow-up actions (on each side - topics addressed: education; economic development and social inclusion; participation).

Expected results:
- Exhibition guarantees the visibility of the project and raises awareness on the topics addressed in the hosting municipality.
- Contacts and informal agreements are made for further cooperation to be further build upon.
- Participants contribute to the evaluation process of the project.

7- Monitoring and evaluation- 08/05/2017- 30/06/2017

Research, Online
The evaluation session aims at evaluating the objective pursued by the project and at drafting the follow-up of the action. The methodology used to evaluate the project is to give answers to the following points: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.
The follow up will be granted by the cooperation among the partners which are committed to help and support other communities in promoting waste management, recycling and ecological attitudes.

Expected results:
- Smooth unfolding of the project and potential adjustments are made possible.
- Follow-up action plan agreed and formalized
- WE - NET long-lasting partnership further enlarged and strengthened

8- Visibility & dissemination- 01/07/2015- 30/06/2017

Communication, all partner countries

Information related to the project will be published by all the partners on a regular basis (websites, newsletter, social networks). Contacts with the media. Website of the project. Preparation of a final DVD containing relevant information and results produced, namely:
inforamtion on the EU environment strategy, best practices on recycling, proposed actions and slogans developed by citizens during local process and aimed at sensitise their peers.

Expected results:
Visibility of the project's rationale, objectives, activities and results is ensured within and outside the municipalities involved.
- Final results of the project widely promoted and capitalized at the European level
- Increased and strengthened cooperation among stakeholders active on the field of ecology at the EU level
- Increased interest of EU Media towards the addressed issues
- Increased number of people actively involved in the local community at the EU level


Lead partner:
1. Comune di Thiene, Thiene, Italy

Other partners:
2. ALDA – the European Association for Local Democracy, Strasbourg, France
3. Zwiazek Stowarzyszen Multikultura, Krakow, Poland
4. Liga Ochrony Przyrody Zarzad Okregu Podkarpackiego, Rzeszow, Poland
5. CNJ - Confederação Nacional de Jovens Agricultores e Desenvolv, Lisbon, Portugal
6. Comune di Cervino, Cervino, Italy
7. Drustvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto, Novo mesto, Slovenia
8. Local Councils Association Malta, Marsa, Malta
9. Fundación Obra Social y Monte de Piedad de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
10. RSN Ricerche e Studi Naturalistici Biosphaera s.c.s., San Vito di Leguzzano, Italy
11. Municipality of Knjazevac, Knjazevac, Serbia
12. Istituto Scientifico Biomedico Euro Mediterraneo Scpa – ISBEM, Brindisi, Italy


For more information, please contact:
Aldo Xhani,
Active Citizenship Project Coordinator
Tel: +32 497 37 10 11

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