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Youth Metre (A tool for forward looking youth participation)

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In line with the objectives of the Erasmus+ Programme and in order to foster the achievement of Europe2020 goals, the YouthMetre project aims at supporting EU Member States, municipalities and regions in carrying out effective policy reforms in the field of Youth, in line with the indications provided by the EU Youth Strategy and according to the priorities perceived by its target population: young Europeans.
In line with the objectives of the Call, YouthMetre foresees activities whose specific aim is to provide in-depth knowledge about the self-perceived needs of the target group(s) (Young Europeans) in learning, teaching, training or youth work situations and effective methodologies and tools that help policy makers to develop initiatives in line with the target population’s collected needs.

The project addresses “Priority 7- Using e-participation as an instrument to foster young people's empowerment and active participation in democratic life”:
It starts from the outcomes of previous youth projects, through OMC YouthMetre empowers youth to engage with and impact on EU youth policy. An e-tool will be produced to close the gap between youth and institutions by collecting the perceived needs of youth in key policy areas and providing guidelines to public institutions that help address them. YouthMetre aims at directly providing youngsters with necessary skills and knowledge to foster effective implementation, by policy makers, of the guidelines provided by the “Youthmetre”.


  • Kick off meeting (Month 1)
  • Constitution of “study groups” and analysis of the “EU Youth Strategy” (Months 2-3)
  • Constitution of an assessment group of municipalities (Months 2-8)
  • Collection of good practices in the “EU youth strategy” key areas (Months 4-5)
  • Progress meeting (Month 6)
  • Implementation of the YouthMetre database of good practices (Month 6-7)
  • Development and agreement of benchmark (Month 6-8)
  • Development of the “YouthMetre” advocacy toolkit (Months 1-8)
  • Delivery of the “YouthMetre” draft version and collection of feedback from the study groups (Month 9-10)
  • Launch of the final version of the “YouthMetre” (Month 12).
  • Development of a “YouthMetre” information and dissemination campaign (Month 1-10)
  • Progress meeting (Month 12)
  • Training of multipliers (Month 12)
  • Dissemination of the “YouthMetre” and promotion of sample measurements -  Phase 1 (Months 13-18)
  • Progress meeting (Month 18)
  • Mid-term evaluation of the YouthMetre dissemination and information campaigns (Month 19)
  • Dissemination of “YouthMetre” and promotion of sample measurements -  Phase 2 (Months 20 onwards).
  • Final partner meeting (Month 24)

Lead partner (coordinating)

  • European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO)

Other partners

  • European Youth Press- Network of young media makers, e.V.
  • ALDA – the European Association for Local Democracy
  • ARS for Progress People

Mihaela Onofras - Project Manager EU Area
Mobile: +32 (0)483 684 773
Address: ALDA, Rue Belliard 20, int. 6, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

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