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The programme can be tailored to universities’ and students’ needs and interests, also in terms of number of days.

Please note: It is compulsory that the university or sending institution apply to the programme “Discover Europe with ALDA” at least 3 months before the date when the visit is required to be planned. The minimum number of participants is 15.

For further information:
Please contact Aldo XHANI, Coordinator of the Citizenship Programme
Mob. +32 497 37 10 11

Programme for students: Discover Europe with ALDA

The programme “Discover Europe with ALDA” gives University students the opportunity to do a two-day visit to the main EU institutions in Brussels and to interact with fundamental European stakeholders. The participants will get the chance to learn more about the European Union and its functioning, and to carry out a debate on civic and political matters that are important to them. The whole process will be coordinated by ALDA, an expert on EU related issues.


Thanks to the programme “Discover Europe with ALDA”, participants:
will gain a clear idea of the functioning of the EU and its institutions
will have the chance to have a face-to-face meeting with key European stakeholders
will have the chance to express their opinions and give advice on youth-related matters at the EU level

Participants will receive the certificate of attendance awarded by ALDA, strategic partner of the European Commission and of the Council of Europe.

(The programme can be tailored to universities’ and students’ needs, also in terms of number of days)

Day 1

All day


Day 2


Get to know ALDA and its work


Visit to EU institutions

Day 3


Meet key EU stakeholders


Discussion and wrap-up

Day 4

All day


On the arrival day, participants will get the chance to settle in Brussels and take some time to get acquainted to the city and its sites. ALDA will be suggesting the best sightseeing points in the city.

On the second day, the activities will start with a morning session in which ALDA’s representatives will present the Association and its work at the European level.
In the afternoon, meetings with representatives of the main EU institutions  - European Parliament, European Commission, Committee of the Regions, European Economic and Social Committee - on the topics of interest of the universities and students.

On the third day, participants will be accompanied by ALDA at interactive meetings with key EU stakeholders, who will share their expertise and will be open to discussion. In the afternoon, ALDA will lead a wrap-up session to provide students with an opportunity to evaluate the activities they participated in and above all to express their recommendations on how the cooperation between the European Union and young people across Europe could be further developed.

Programme fee:
€ 30 per participant per day (€ 60 for the standard programme of two days).
Submission of certified copies of the invoices incurred by the sending institutions required.

The sending institution is requested to:
cover travel and accommodation costs (ALDA can support the identification of accommodation solutions upon request)
submit the list of participants with the information needed to access the EU institutions
send to ALDA the certified copies of all invoices occurred for the activity (travels, accommodation, meals, etc.). Travels must be accompanied by boarding passes or tickets

ALDA is in charge for:
supporting the sending institution to identify the best accommodation solutions according to its needs
organising visits to EU institutions and meetings with stakeholders in Brussels
logistics and organizational matters in Brussels

Please note
In order for ALDA to organise the visits and support you for the accommodation, it is compulsory that the sending institution:
applies to the programme “Discover Europe with ALDA” 3 months before the date of when the activity is required to be planned
sends ALDA a list of participants at least 1 month before the start of the programme
pays the agreed fees by bank transfer to the account that will be provided by ALDA at least 1 month before the start of the programme

The minimum number of participants required is 15.

Contact person:
Coordinator of the Citizenship Programme
Mob. +32 497 37 10 11

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